Rain, Money, Toys, and Tots

A couple weeks ago we held the Toys for Tots Boot Camp Domination teleseminar and raised $1800 thanks to you.

And then Steve and I matched your $1800 and if that wasn’t enough a good friend and big time marketer donated another $1,000 for the cause bringing the total to almost $5,000.

Let me tell you… $5,000 is a LOT of money to buy toys with at Walmart. Thank God we brought our kids along to help fill up the shopping carts. They had such a blast.

Here’s the video of our trip to Walmart…

After filling up the GT-R and Vette plus three other cars we realized that we were better off handing Toys for Tots a check for the remaining amount. This was a really successful toy drive and a bunch of kids who needed gifts got them thanks to your help.

Thank you for being so awesome!