Something Cool To Think About This Week

I hope you had an awesome Christmas weekend…

Here at our house we spent most of Christmas day (till about 4 PM) opening
up gifts and eating pancakes, something we don’t eat often around here ­čÖé

The reason I’m writing this blog post is to share something with you that most
of the fitness trainers who read this blog never get to see.

As you know I run several high level mastermind coaching programs with many
of the TOP fitness trainers from all of the world in them. These are trainers who
are now making multiple six and even seven figures and are in total domination

One of the mastermind programs I run, “the 100K Fitness Info Mastermind Group”
I run with my good pal and Canadian superstar Craig Ballantyne. This is the same
group that all the “Las Vegas” stories (that stay in Las Vegas) come from… haha.

..but that’s a blob post for another┬áday.

Anyhow… we’ve got a special members only forum for our mastermind clients
where they get access to us (in addition to meeting with us three times per year).

And in this members only forum we share a TON of insider tips and tactics for
growing your training or boot camp business as well creating and marketing
your fitness info product.

So last week Craig posted the following in the Fitness Info Mastermind forum
and I thought it was very fitting for ALL trainers to read and realize that YOU
make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Here’s what Craig had posted….

Somewhere this weekend (well, actually in many places), your training clients
and website readers will get asked by their family “what have you been doing
to get back in shape?” (or to become a better athlete, or fix that shoulder,

…and then your reader will start talking about how “this person/program”
they found on the internet has changed their life…and how much they love
this person (i.e. you) that they’ve never met, and how wonderful you are,
and how they tell everyone they know about this program/expert.

That will be happening all over the world…in kitchens, living rooms,
churches, malls, and everywhere that your readers go.

So take a few moments and think about that, and let that be some inspiration
to you to know that you are making a massive, LIFE-CHANGING difference in
the lives of hundreds, if not thousands and tens of thousands of people who
you have NEVER met! (yet!)

That’s pretty cool. And you deserve to feel amazing about that, because of
the amazing help that you are giving these folks.

And just think that next year, there will be 2 times, 10 times, or even 100
times more people having those conversations.

Congratulations on helping so many people in 2010, and I’m looking forward
to your success in 2011.

Bedros and I appreciate ALL of the action you have taken this year, and your
success is one of the best Christmas presents that I’m “getting” this year.

Merry Christmas,