My Gift To You

Hey there, Bedros here 🙂

As 2010 comes to an end I wanted to take time out to let you know just how much I appreciate you, my clients, customers, and subscribers.

I want to thank you for trusting me with your business for almost an entire decade
and letting me give you the tools, tactics, and strategies for taking your fitness business to the next level.

From my perceptive it feels incredible to have a “job” where I get to help people get more clients, make
more money and take more time off. And while I’ve helped a handful of trainers create the coveted
a seven figure business, what I’m most proud of is helping hundreds, if not thousands, of fitness pros create a six figure generating business.

And since this is the season for giving, and since so many of you stepped up to help with our Fit Body Boot
Camp Toys for Tots toy drive last week (which was a HUGE success), and then you stepped up again this
week to help out a fellow trainer and Fit Body Boot Camp owner, Scott Cioffi, when his apartment burnt down and he lost everything he owned, including his dog…

… I want to give you something that is going to give you more clients in 2011, it’s going to give you better, more focused clarity for your goals and vision, and it’s going to give you actual tactics and strategies that you can instantly use to get more done each day, to achieve higher levels of success and to have the ultimate fitness business of your dreams.

I had every intention of making this into an info product and selling it for $297, but early last week I changed my mind and decided to make this my Christmas gift to you.

This three video product is called “The Ultimate Fitness Business Success Blueprint” and in it I teach three VERY powerful and specific things:

1. Clarity of your vision
2. Focus on your desired outcome
3. Action steps to get what you envision and focus on

Like I said I was going to launch this as a new info product in early 2011 and sell it for $297, but instead I’ve decided to give it to you, as a gift, for no charge, as my way of saying “thank you for being so awesome!”.

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The Ultimate Fitness Business Success Blueprint