Help a Fellow Trainer Out

Hey Bedros here,

I just got a call from a few Fit Body Boot Camp owners who informed me that Scott Cioffi, a fellow fitness trainer and FBBC owner in Massachusetts lost his apartment, all his belongings, and his dog to a fire three days ago.

Steve and I are donating $1000.00 to Scott on behalf of Fit Body Boot Camp, But I’m also asking you to help out by donating $40.00.

So here’s what I’m doing…

I’ve never released footage from Fitness Business Summit 09. Never sold the DVD’s and never planed on selling it.

But I’m going to give you the ENTIRE three days of footage from Fitness Business Summit 09 when you donate $40.00 to help Scott get his life back on track, get a new apartment, and clothes this Christmas season.

Like I said, I had never planned on selling or making footage of FBS09 available. The content from that three day weekend has gotten hundreds of trainers to six figures and helped them get more time off and WAY more freedom…

… and I’m going to give it to you when you click the order button below and donate $40.00 to help us help Scott Cioffi.

Even if you were at FBS09 I want you to please donate. Help a fellow trainer in a time of need.

I REALLY appreciate you stepping up.

Your friends,

Bedros and Steve and the Entire FBBC Family