Becuase You Asked

If you’ve ever sent me a private Facebook message then you know that I don’t reply to the messages I get on there. In fact, for that matter I don’t reply to twitter messages, linked in messages, ect…

Instead you probably got a reply from one of my three assistants Bryn, Franny, or Marilyn. It’s not that I’m too cool for school or something. If I actually replied to all of my emails and messages I’d never get any work done or have time to goof off with my bff Steve Hochman.

I don’t even use the voice mail on my phone. It’s full, I leave it that way and force people to text me. Then I reply if I want to. It’s a great filtration system.

The exception being my mastermind coaching clients who have direct access to me via personal email and phone.

But I happened to be on facebook yesterday and found the message below in my in box from a guy I met when I spoke at Yanik Silver’s Underground Online 6 seminar earlier this year.

I think he asks a good question so I thought I’d answer it here on my blog.

Hey Ali, thanks for being cool about me posting your question up here and answering it…

First off, don’t dump the marketing materials. Those books, CD’s, DVD’s, and membership sites have the information to help to cut the time to success in half.

And the money and frustration you’ll save by modeling the informaiton within those prodcuts is priceless.

Remember the slide that I showed of the Keuilian Inc “The Machine” where I showed everyone how our entire business model works, where the leads come from, how they enter the funnel, how they ascend up the ladder, ect?

Since sharing that at UG6 I’ve had probably a dozen marketers come up to me at other events and have told me how that one diagram and explanation of “The Machine” saved them years of frustration and gave them clarity on how and why their info business should run.

"The Machine"

My point is, DO NOT DUMP THE INFO PRODUCTS. Use them, take massive action and get the results.

Here’s my answer to you, Ali.

For me, when I got married and had kids my sense of responsibility matured… I matured, well kinda… I’m still a jackass, I still do impulsive things like showing up to the house with a pygmy goat under my arm, and if you saw the hijinx that takes place at the HQ you’d wonder how we manage to maintain a 7 figure generating business. But now, the risks are more calculated becuase it’s not just about me anymore.

Having grown up poor and broke I never wanted my kids to experience hand my down clothes. Or clothes that didn’t fit right, or clothes that were so out of style that they were almost back in style. I didn’t want my kids to ever have to go to a day care.

In fact if you know me, then you know for me it’s about two things…

1. My kids will never see the inside of a daycare. They’ll always have mom and dad around and the comfort and security of a home and good life and they’ll never have to worry about where they’re gonna live next or if they’re gonna have to switch schools again. Those are the things I experienced as a kid so those shaped my values and my reasons “why”.

2. I need freedom. I don’t just want it. I NEED it. I want to be able to do what I want, when I want, for as long as I want. I can’t stand people telling me what to do. I refuse to comply. I have a major hate for authority and I’ll NEVER work for the man. And so to me, money = freedom.

For me the cars, homes, toys and all that crap can go away. I like them. But I can do without them. It’s the freedom I want, and to know that my kids will never see the inside of a day care.

And so those two things motivate me to be successful, to be driven like most will never be becuase most people choose to adopt other people’s values rather than figuring out their values or what motivates them.

I believe that if you have a BIG reason why, and can find your calling, your passion, your purpose, and you have unmatched work ethic then you will be successful. Whatever your definition of success is.

You mentioned Yanik, me and Gary Vaynerchuk in your message. I’m not sure about Jeff Walker or Ryan, but me, Gary, and Yanik come from parents who immigrated from another country and if I’m not mistaken they grew up as poor as I did. That shit shapes your perceptive on things and that might be why we put such high value on family.

That said I don’t think you need to drop everything and go and get married. In fact I say you should wait till you know EXACTLY who you are which will tell you who you really want to marry.

There are plenty of people out there who are successful, driven and single. They have a big reason why and have found their passion.

If I grew up rich I’d still be just as successful. My values and reasons “why” might be different. But I’d still have the work ethic I have today and I’d still be just as driven.

I guess what I’m saying is that when you have greater responsibility in life it definitely help you get and stay focused. For me that responsibility came in the form of a family.
Add to that a big reason WHY and find your purpose and you’re unstoppable.