How to Overcome What’s Holding You Back From Success

Hey there, Bedros Keuilian here,

Hope you’re doing awesome and that your personal training and bootcamp business is on fire!

Recently I asked my good friend Craig Ballantyne why it is that some people take information and run with it, and others

seem to know more information than all of up put together, yet they’re still struggling to make ends meet.

Here’s what Craig had to say…

One of the more interesting parts of my day involves posting inspirational quotes on Facebook. Today, I posted this and it got a tremendous response. Here it is:

“Never let life get in the way of your progress. You gotta keep on pushing on. Accept the sacrifices and just do it!”

Just do it. Seriously, I made that up – I think it would make a nice tag line.

Now that is a very simple quote, and a straightforward lesson. Yet every day I hear from at least one fitness expert who says they still working on their fitness info product – 3 months after their previous email to me about how they were still working on their product.

I don’t know what’s holding them back, but Dan Kennedy, my mentor, and the mentor to the all the Internet Marketing gurus you hear about once told me, “The failure to act is much more often the product of inner, emotional resistance than external resistance. To move forward you must give up your story, whether it is excuses about your childhood, lack of education, your “bad luck”, your unsupportive family, your low metabolism, where you live, etc, etc.”

Harsh, but true.

What separates the leaders from the strugglers is often confidence and follow-through, both of which can be derailed by internal resistance.

Take a look at Joel Marion…he first contacted me for coaching in January of 2009. By April of 2009 he had broken the Clickbank record for a fitness launch and a year later, he’s crushing the MILLION dollar mark in 3 days – and he’s only selling a $67 e-book. There is NOTHING holding this guy back. No resistance whatsoever. He’s an action taker if there ever was one.

But if you’re struggling with confidence and follow through, Kennedy recommended a powerful, emotional, and yes, even difficult exercise.

All you have to do is simply ask yourself “Why do I want to achieve ____ but I refuse to act in congruence with achieving it?”

For example, let’s say you want to have a 6-figure internet business selling fitness e-books, yet you’ve taken more than 6 months to complete your product. Ask yourself why you are taking so long. Then ask yourself why at least 4 more times. By continuing to ask why and probing deeper you will get to the real answer and source of your internal resistance – and only then will you be able to overcome it.

Bedros here again,

I don’t know about you, but anytime I’ve wanted something bad enough I got it. And it all started with me asking WHY and digging deeper into myself.

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