Personal Trainer Marketing Tips From FBS10

Andrew and Chloe throwing plastic eggs full of money and organic lollipops off the stage.

Hey Bedros here,

I hope you’re doing awesome and that your personal training and boot camp business is kicking butt!

In just a second I’m gonna tell you how you can win a VIP All Access pass for you and a guest to Fitness Business Summit 11.

I’m writing this blog post from Phoenix, Arizona where I’ll be speaking along side Paula Abdul at Joe Polish’s platinum seminar.

I spent the last three days just relaxing and recovering from Fitness Business Summit before flying out to Phoenix for Joe’s event.

Each year FBS gets bigger and better and this year it was HUGE and sold out weeks in advance with over 300 fitness trainers in attendance from nine countries, the most awesome presenters EVER, tons of money, Ipads, computers, and flip camps were given away and we raised over $5,000 for Shriners Children’s hospital and the Make a Wish foundation…

… A-N-D we had this HUGE marching band come through the entire ballroom and there were AMAZING! Just ask anyone who was there 😉

For me, this was an EPIC event where top fitness professionals from all over the globe get together to learn, share, and get inspired.

The famous "Money Attraction Booth". Several hundred dollars were won

I started Fitness Business Summit back in 2007 because the year before my application to present personal trainer marketing and sales tactics got rejected by both NSCA and IDEA.

So I figured I’d start my own seminar where I’d share real world client getting tactics that had helped me grow my personal training business to $500,000 in gross revenue and I’d invite other top producers to share their secrets.

Well, kinda like Josh Carter says, in 07 FBS was pretty much Josh, me, Pete (my bro in law and partner – not in that way… not that there’s anything wrong with that 🙂 ) , and Di my wife along with a handful of trainers standing around in a taco bell parking lot.

But today, Fitness Business Summit is THE business building, client getting, short cut getting event that sets and breaks all industry standards and expectations.

I mean just the marching band alone was worth attending – seriously – BABOO!

All the money that was collected and donated to Shriners Childrens Hospital

So I thought what I’d do with this blog post is give the attendees who were at FBS10 and past Fitness Business Summits attendees the opportunity to share their big take-a-ways from the weekend and hopefully this will give YOU some gems and nuggets to help in your fitness business.

And the person who leave the most high value and inspiring comment will win the FBS11 VIP All Access pass for two.

So if you were at FBS10 or any other FBS in the past…

What did you anticipate before coming to FBS?

What were your big take-a-aways that you’re going to use in your fitness business?

And what kind of results are you expecting or have gotten from using what you leaned from FBS?

Just answer the three questions above in the comment box below and on Monday I’ll announce the big winner.

Three hundred plus trainers (and Joe Polish)

Wish me luck at Joe’s event. I’m gonna show Paula a couple of new moves I picked up from the Tone It Up girls at FBS.