Behind the Scenes at Fitness Business Summit 2010: Day Two

Like day one, day two was incredible.

The speakers started off STRONG with Alex McMillan really firing the crowd up.  It really se the tone for the day and then Leanne Ellington kept the energy high with her presentation.

Joe Polish was unreal.  This guy is a bazillionaire that helps other dudes become bazillionaires too.  As it turns out he also a really cool guy who knows how to get a room full of trainers pumped up and driven to succeed by creating “can and clone” techniques (among other things)

The “Tone Up Girls” showed us how in a single year they turned their YouTube channel into a monster business. Then Bedros hit us with double presentations that were so full of content my head is still spinning.

You gotta check out this video with all the highlights and behind the scenes stuff…

Tomorrow I speak, so watch out!  I am tired, its late and I gotta get some beauty sleep.  More reporting from in the trenches at Fitness Business Summit tomorrow so check back…

Joshua Carter
Calabasas Personal Trainer Extrodinaire”