How To Think Outside Of The Box

Today’s a very big day for one of my 100K mastermind coaching clients. I’ll tell you why in a second, but first I want to tell you how critical it is for you to stand out in your community IF you want to take your personal training or boot camp business to the next level.

Sees as an entrepreneur one of your “job titles” is get noticed, to get attention. Not like in a “me too” kind of way, but in a “Wow this trainer on TV really knows her shit and has amazing energy!” kind of way.

Dustin Maher, one of my 100K mastermind clients has done such that.  Not only has he appeared over 70 times on all the major tv networks, but he has 10 bootcamp locations, and a six figure info product business that’s going ot make a HUGE impact in his chosen.

But at the last mastermind in Las Vegas when he told me what he was about to come out with, I wanted to share it with you and give you a little insight into how he keeps his name and “brand” out there at all times…

…because I think YOU can do the same.

Today, Dustin is releasing his very own IPhone App called Flat Stomach Workout (Also compatible with IPod Touch and IPad). Talk about thinking outside the box, right?

Before we wrapped things up in Vegas I did an interview with him where he explains his entire master plan for creating this App.

Bedros: What made you want to have your own app?

Dustin: I got my own IPhone about 1 year ago and have been really loving it and enjoying the apps that come with it, around that time I also met a fitness guy who had his own fitness app.  I saw the potential in reaching a large international market that I couldn’t have reached before.

Bedros: How did you get your app developed?

Dustin: Some might call it blind luck, but I call it hard work and putting a lot of lines in the water.  My blog is something I have put a lot of time and love into, it is a place where I really develop relationships with thousands who visit the site.  I didn’t know it, but I had a very big female fan in CA who happened to have a husband who use to work for Apple and was looking to develop an app and his wife really wanted him to work with me (I hadn’t even asked).  She contacted me and I contacted him and we decided to work together.

Bedros: What type of app did you decide upon and why?

Dustin:  I wanted an app that thought like me and was able to deliver workouts to people based on their time restraints and fitness level.  I also have tons of other things going on and didn’t really want to spend much time on this project.  I had just released my Got Core DVDs which were a huge success, I had all this great content, so what I had the developer do was cut up the workout into their individual exercises and was going to use them for the workouts.  I wanted to create an app that was memorable and could possibly go viral.

Bedros:  That is so cool that you just repurposed you content!  So how does your app work exactly?

Dustin: The user creates a new workout by selecting how long they want their workout to last and a level of difficulty from 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3.  When they hit the create workout button, the app has my intelligence built into it and it goes into the large database of exercises and comes up with a random workout that is the amount of time the person wants as well as the appropriate fitness level. But the coolest part is that it contains the correct ratio of lower back, deep core, outer core, and obliques, so the workout is very well balanced.  The user also has the option of editing a workout and deleting or adding any exercises.  The user also has the ability to put their measurements in and graph them out, as well as taking before and after pictures.  They can also log each workout and make notes on how it went.

Bedros:  This really sounds like a great app. What are you looking to get out of having your own app?

Dustin:  I really want to get two main things out of it.  First, I want to have another thing that my clients, locally and internationally, can tell their friends and family about.  It is something that is relatively memorable from their trainer and helps me stand out.  Second, I want to gain more exposure.  Part of the app has a bonus section for a fat loss eating plan, in order for them to receive it they have to put their contact info in a form so I know can send them my newsletter. It’s going to be a huge list building tool for me. I will then try to promote my Got Core DVDs as well as my Fit Moms For Life DVDs.

Bedros:  Yeah, list building is where it’s it. So, how much does the app cost and how much did it cost to have it developed?

Dustin:  I am only charging $1.99 for the app, I am trying to make it a no-brainer for everyone to buy.  Since my developer really believed in me (well at least his wife did), we worked out a split on the profit and he developed it for free.  I provided the content, he provided the technical side.

Bedros:  You have a pretty cool goal with this app, why don’t you share what that is and let everyone know how we can help.

Dustin:  Thanks Bedros!  Yeah my goal is to be on the top page of the Apple store under the fitness/health category.  I have checked out most of the other apps and I think mine is better than all of them!  So here is what I am asking everyone to do.  If you have have an IPhone or Ipod Touch spend the $1.99 and get the app.  Then go to the store and rate it (hopefully 5 stars) and write a great comment.

Post it on your facebook profile and twitter accounts, as well as your blog.  Your clients will love for you to share this program with them.  Don’t worry they won’t stop coming to see you!  If we all spread the word we can take down some of the huge IPhone developing companies who spend huge amounts of money developing and marketing their apps… plus you’ll be helping out a fellow trainer within the “Bedros tribe”.

Here is the link again to buy the app or just search Flat Stomach Workout on your phone or Itunes.

Bedros here again. I hope you’re able to see why Dustin is so successful at what he does. He’s a hard worker, thinks outside the box, sets big goals and knows he’s capable of reaching his goals.

This is mindset to the fullest.

And just to let you know… I personally downloaded Flat Stomach Workout on my iphone a few hours ago and I give it my highest recommendation.