How To Get People To Buy Personal Training From You

I brought Di and the kids on a road trip up the central California coastline to Big Sur and Monterey for a few days.

I highly recommend that you visit this area when you get a chance.

After spending the day at the Monterey Aquarium we decided to grab some lunch. We had tons of  options of restaurants and here’s how we picked the restaurant to eat at.

There’s a lesson in this video for you. While every other restaurant just plops out a menu on the front of the building Louie’s Seafood restaurant uses proven marketing tactics to get people in. And it worked on us 🙂

Check it out…

Here’s what the coupon they gave us looks like. Ironically we didn’t even use the coupon since we got the kids food off the adult menu and they shared it.

How are you marketing your fitness business? Are you giving out samples, showcasing testimonials, and making irresistible offers to your community?