The Stuff That Works

As it turns out... Crew the goat is really fond of weights and kettle bells

I’m gonna tell you the secret to taking your fitness business to massive success and building a culture of loyal clients.

Now more than ever people have a ton of options when looking for a fitness program.

You’re competing against gyms, personal training studios, boot camps, infomercial products, online training, ebooks, DVDs, membership sites, and a slew of other services and products that offer fitness and fat loss.

But getting clients, keeping them, and getting them to refer you new leads is actually not as hard as you’d think…

… in fact it’s actually pretty easy.

See, we all have two basic need.


And when others recognize and show appreciation toward us we develop a deep sense of loyalty toward them.

It’s really that simple. But I see so many fitness trainers totally miss the boat on this one and end up struggling to barely keep their business afloat.

When was the last time you recognized your clients or prospects by saying, doing, or giving them something really cool and out of the blue?

When was the last time you really went out of your way to do really cool things and “hook up” your list?

You’ve gotta give to get. It’s the law of the universe.

Plus it just feels good.

I’ve given my clients and subscribers…

– Free DVDs
– Free blogs
– Private VIP parties (for my mastermind and coaching groups)
– Gift cards
– Vacations
– T-shirts
– Business binders
– No pitch tele seminars and webinars
– and mailed them books – just because.

It’ about giving recognition.

It’s about showing appreciation.

It’s about giving without expectation.

It’s about building a relationship that’s deeper than just a “business to customer” relationship.

It’s just about being a cool person, you know?

That’s the stuff that works.

What kind of cool things have you done for your clients and prospects in the past? Let me know in the comment section below.