The Airplane Story

Here I am at Underground Online Seminar sharing some deep client getting tactics

I hope you’re doing good and that your personal training business is kicking butt.

This past Monday I was flying back to Chino Hills from D.C. – a pretty long flight. Thankfully there was onboard internet on the plane which meant I could go through my in box and take care of several coaching clients.

So I found my seat, sat down, said hi to the fella seated next to me… did the obligatory small talk… and logged onto the onboard internet.

And that’s when things got weird.

When I logged on and opened my emails the first site I looked at was Female Fat Loss Over Forty – which belongs to Shawna Kaminski, one of my 100K info mastermind group members.

I was reading through her copy and checking out the changes she made when my seatmate asked if I was doing some online shopping.

I explained that I was actually looking over a client’s site.

That’s when he asked what I do.
I said I’m a business and marketing coach for fitness professionals.

He asked what that meant.

I explained that I teach fitness trainers how to grow their business, market online and off line, and create wealth and freedom.

I think he kinda got that because he then asked what it was I was looking at.

I explained to him that Shawna is a personal trainer who has helped a bunch of 40 something year old women get fit and lose fat and now she’s written an ebook and sells her fitness and fat loss info to 40 something year old women online and that I helped her create her site, copy, offers, price points, up sells, blog, blah, blah, blah…

And I finished up by telling him that I think it’ amazing that people sell stuff online, even while they sleep and wake up and have more money in their bank accounts.

He explained how he had been unemployed the last 15 months and finally got a job again appraising heavy machinery and that something like that could never be taught online.

That’s when things got even weirder.

In an attempt to help, I went to google and showed him how there are over 6,000,000 searches on google for “how to appraise machinery” and different variations of that search term.

I explained that if someone (HINT: like him) wanted to, they could create a course for people who want to become machinery appraisers.

That’s when he said: “yeah, but you probably need web and computer skills to make money online and you probably went to school to learn that stuff.”

I explained that you can easily outsource the web and “computer” work – which is what I do and further more, I actually dropped out of college.

Then he said: Yeah but you probably need a lot of money to buy the video and editing gear to shoot the product.

I explained that we created a multiple six figure generating info product with only a $149 flip cam purchased from Best Buy.

That’s when he said: Yeah, but it probably takes a good amount of start up capital to get an online business going.”

And I explained that you can create a website, product, and get a paypal shopping cart all for under $400 and that the name of the game is a quality product, traffic and conversion.

Then he said: “With the economy the way it is it’s probably not a good time to start business because most people are not into spending money right now.”

I explained to him how money is always in motion and that every minutes of every day people are buying things they want and need. And in fact my buddy Craig Ballantyne recently told me about a fitness info product that launched and within the first week did over $300K.

Again he went on to tell me why it wouldn’t work for him.

Why it was bad timing.

Why people in his niche are different.

Why, why, why, why, why…

That’s when I realized that not matter what I said and no matter the proof I show he’ll continue to look for reason (excuses really) to justify his beliefs – no matter how warped.

And that’s when I remembered this quote from Tony Robbins: “Changing our belief systems is central to making any real and lasting change in our lives.”

It all boils down to mindset, desire, and action.

Let me know what you think below in the comment section.

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