28 Random Pictures From My Iphone

Here's Steve Hochman's mom with my 'mug". I think she's one of the four members of my fan club.

I just finished my power point and will be flying out to Washington D.C. on Wednesday to present at Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar 6 this coming weekend.

If you’re coming out to D.C. for UG6 be sure to find me and say, hi.

UG6 is the biggest internet marketing seminar on the planet and some of the biggest names in online marketing will be on hand. I’m really honored that Yanik asked me to be a presenter, because just six years ago I couldn’t even afford to go to his event – it costs like two grand (and it’s worth every penny) but back then I just couldn’t afford it so I bought the DVD set of this event when it came out and it was only $995 – a bargain if you ask me 🙂

Anyway, I’m really stoked about being able to get up on that stage now and share many of the secrets and shortcuts that I’ve used to take my business to seven figures…

.. A-N-D it just feel good to be able to give back to his audience.

In fact, if YOU want shortcuts and secrets to get your personal training or bootcamp business to six and even multiple six figures then be sure to check out Fitness Business Summit 10, because there are less than 65 seats remaining.


While I was flipping through my Iphone to see if there were any pictures I could use on my power point, I came across a bunch of random pictures and thought it would be fun to share them here on my blog.

Speaking of Yanik Silver… here’s he is on the phone with triple A when our classic corvette broke down on us during his Maverick Business Adventure 80’s road rally.

Here I am at the same Maverick Road Rally with a Lambo that might as well have been a land jet because I was accused of doing 137 MPH with it. I think the radar gun was busted 🙂

This is my friend’s dog. He’s got really weird sleeping habits.

This day was really strange. I woke up as a giant and for the entire day I was freaking people out.

Another member of my fan club… Steve’s mother-in-law sporting my mug. I think she’s the most recent member of the fan club – making her #4 🙂

Who’s watching the road if we’re taking this picture?

Andrew loves to monkey around. I think he was trying to get attention from everyone at the car wash – it worked.

Chloe likes to show off how strong she is. Here she is after kicking my butt for 12 rounds.

Guess what’s under these bandages…?

Andrew’s paw print on the left and Chloe’s on the right. Sometimes they’ll press their hands on the tats and it makes me melt…

Steve and I went on an African safari and things got a little wild with an elephant. Thankfully my best friend was there to save me. We made a DVD of the entire thing and will make it available for you soon 🙂

I figured elephants were too big for me to handle. So I got myself a pet turtle. This one’s a lot more manageable and a great form of transportation.

On a serious note… this is the “average” home in the rain forests of Costa Rica. Seeing this makes me grateful for the life I have.

And in Costa Rica I saw these two butterflies “getting it on” and knew I had to take a picture for you. Pretty amazing stuff…

Here’s a picture of me in Vancouver B.C. Really an awesome place! But I had no idea I was posing next to an “adult shop”. I couldn’t figure out why people were looking at me funny.

One of my favorite baby pictures of Chloe. I think she was a little scared about falling off the counter.. but I had her the whole time 🙂

Ever wonder what my parents look like? Here are mama and papa Keuilian paying a visit to my office with Chloe.

Here I am writing a blog post from a coffee shop somewhere in Hollywood while filming “Add To Cart” documentary (due to come out later this summer).

And speaking of Add to Cart. For about two months Chris McCombs and I traveled the entire country with a film crew and on this trip we came out to Maryland to interview Yanik Silver (of all people) and all the hotels were sold out. Here’s a picture of my point of view as Big Chris McCombs interrogates the person at the front desk for available rooms. Note: You never wanna see Big Chris stressed… he can do a lot of damage.

And here’s me and Andrew at the LA Auto Show. With BMW’s concept car behind us. He can’t understand why we can’t buy a concept car 🙂

This next one is C-R-A-Z-Y. Someone lost control of their car and drove right into my parents front yard. Even crazier is that I was standing about 20 yards away when it happened.

On a lighter note, I was curious what it would be like to have three kids. So I asked the little boy (on the right) to get in the picture with Chloe and Andrew. I think his dad thought I was crazy or something…lol!

And in this next picture I was being attacked by Steve’s and my kids and no one jumped in to help me. It was rough, but I got out with only a cracked rib.

Every wonder what happens after putting on a big three day event like the Fitness Business Summit? Here we are celebrating another killer FBS at a sushi restaurant as Pete (my bro-in-law and the technical talent behind Keuilian, Inc) pours the sake.

This next one is AMAZING! Here we are filming a commercial for Fit Body Boot Camp with Jorri (an actual client) who lost close to 100 pounds! Good on your Jorri!!

And here’s a screen shot of a text message from one of my coaching clients who quit working for the “man” and went at it on his own and blew it up!This is why I love doing what I do 🙂

And finally… the love’s of my life (again).

Thanks for indulging me and looking through these random pictures from my Iphone. I have over 800 of them on my phone, but i figured you’d probably get bored and it would end up as the worlds longest blog post.

And if you’re not registered for Fitness Business Summit 10 yet. Be sure to check it out and join 400 fitness pros in a three day business building event (that also happens to be a BIG fitness industry party).