5 Ah-ha Moments From the 7 Figure Mastermind

A Fitness Marketing blog post by Leanne Ellington

Hey Bedros Keuilian here,

I’m writing you from somewhere near Panama (I think) from the deck of our cruise ship.

So far this cruise has been a blast. VEEEEERY relaxing. We’re getting a ton of port time at a bunch of different places like Costa Rica, Aruba, Curacao, and Half Moon Cay.

Now I’m thinking about having a fitness marketing cruise sometime next year. You never know… I just might do it πŸ™‚

But for now, check out this killer post from one of my 7 Figure Formula mastermind members and Fitness Business Summit 2010 presenter, Leanne Ellington.

I had the opportunity to sit in a room for hours on end with some of the most ingenious fitness marketers like Josh Carter, Craig Ballantyne, Vince DelMonte, 7 Figure Sam, and of course Bedros (just to name a few) for the entire weekend in beautiful Miami. Everytime we get together, I have several major breaking points– whether it’s simply in my line of thinking or just in simple action steps I can go home and implement to explode my business.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s priceless when you have 12 other marketing geniuses listening to your speedbumps, frustrations, and questions, and putting their minds together to help you come up with solutions, but some of my biggest “ah-ha” moments take place when I am simply listening to the other members in my mastermind– when we are talking about someone else’s business.

So I decided to share with you some great little nuggets of info and “ah-ha” moments that took place in Miami this past weekend. Keep in mind I run boot camps in Orlando, but these points can apply to any fitness business that you may have.

1. Don’t Forget to Sell Sell Sell. This one was the biggest for me. I have worked so hard to make sure I have a website that converts, qualified traffic getting to my site, building my list, and improving the quality of my program, that I forgot about one of the most golden methods of bringing people in the door and getting them hooked on my program—- selling to them in person! No website or phone script can sell my boot camps the way that I can- with passion and zest and UMPH! I realized that I need to physically get more people in front of me… Set, Show, CLOSE!! I simply went back to Bedros’ How to Close 9 out of 10 Clients, and tweaked the sales script to model my current business. Voila!

** Bedros also reminded me that just because I train in groups, I still need to sell on the individual level. That advice was priceless.

2. Numbers Always Outrank Adjectives. Your business may be “killing it” or “crushing it” or just plain kicking ass, but what exactly does that mean? One thing I realized this past weekend is that I have no idea what my closing percentage is, because I haven’t been tracking. I don’t know my updated lifetime value of my clients, because I haven’t been tracking. And I sure as hell don’t know my specific cost to acquire a new client, because I haven’t been tracking. Do you see a pattern here? Numbers don’t lie. My clients want to see quantitative changes on the scale, in circumference measurements, and body fat percentages. They don’t care as much if I just tell them that they look great– they want proof. Implement quantitative tracking in your biz and use that to assess whether or not you are reaching your goals. Then simply test, track and tweak.

3. Chunk Out Your Time Like a Mo’ Fo’. How many times have you gone to complete a task and then found yourself magically looking at facebook, reading and returning emails, or updating yourself on whether Britney Spears is fat or skinny this week? Most entrepreneurs are like little kids in a way– we get fascinated and taken off course by the next shiny thing. One way to stay on track is to give yourself a track to stay on instead of haphazardly trying to get through a bunch of tasks in one day. Chunk out your day according to different tasks. One chunk might be geared towards emails and customer service. Another chunk might be content creation like blog posts and emails. You might have a chunk for your workouts or family time or whatever else you do in your day. The important thing is to set specific times for specific tasks and concentrate with laser focus on them all. Whoever said multi-tasking is the way to go was probably not very good at any one particular thing. Our minds are meant to focus on one thing at a time. Schedule your time and stick to it. You won’t be sorry.

4. Have Kick-Ass Scripts for Everything. One way to systematize your business is to make sure that you are consistently doing it the same way every time. Heck, that might even be the definition- I’m not sure- but just roll with me for a minute. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a strategic phone script, face-to-face script, and closing script that forces a bunch of “yes” answers, peels the onion, and overcomes objections like clockwork? Don’t rely on your instincts– make scripts for everything.

5. Help Others Get What They Want, and You Will Get What You Want. — Brian Tracey.Β  Nuff Said.

There it is… my little golden nuggets and takeaways from last week’s 7 Figure Mastermind meeting in Miami. Some of the deeper stuff like secret ninja SEO tactics and and rapid lead monitization systems that Bedros shared I can’t talk about here… those are strictly for “members only” πŸ™‚

Leave a comment below and share your recent ah-ha moments…

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