How to Break Into the Highly Competitive Market of Fitness Info Products

Hey there, Bedros Keuilian here 🙂

I’m taking a two week vacation with the family and spending it on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. But you’re still gonna get killer guest blog posts from some of my friends in the industry who are blowing it up.

Here’s a guest blog post from my pal and 7 Figure Formula Mastermind member Craig Ballantyne on how to break into the the fitness info products business.

Last week one of my friends had a 6-figure NET profit launch of a new
fitness info product.

The two secrets to his success were that he sold SOMETHING different (unique
bodyweight exercises) and he sold his product to SOMEONE different (people
who wanted to train like Navy SEALs).

By having a cool, unique HOOK to his product, he was able to tap new
affiliates outside of the industry and didn’t have to compete with everyone
else trying to get the same old affiliates to promote their generic “short
workouts” product.

In fact, my friend ran his product PRE-launch at the same time as the
biggest fitness info product launch. And yet he still managed to do
thousands of sales of his program.

Being DIFFERENT is the biggest hurdle that you must overcome if you want to
succeed online.

But it’s not your fault that you don’t have the big hook yet, because none
of the big internet marketing guru’s talk about the hook. All they do is
sell you fancy-schmancy “get more traffic” products that only work if you’re
a technological genius. (Oh, and don’t worry, I’ve fallen for those internet
marketing guru sales pitches many more times than you, trust me!)

Let me give you another example of how a big HOOK worked in the fitness
industry, and you’ll see fitness info product success has nothing to do
with “special software guaranteed to get you more traffic”.

When I introduced my TT Bootcamps product last year, it worked the same way.
No one was selling done-for-you no-equipment workouts to trainers to use in
their bootcamps – so I was selling something different.

And unlike most other fitness e-books, I was concentrating on selling to
someone different (personal trainers and bootcamp trainers), rather than
busy folks who wanted to lose fat.

And finally, this also allowed me to SELL differently, by recruiting non-
traditional fitness e-book affiliates, such as other business experts who
were helping bootcamp trainers fill their camps.

It was the perfect complementary product to their business systems, plus I
had hundreds of personal trainers on my own Turbulence Training list who
wanted something unique.

And this all came about because I did my “niche market homework”. By
listening to my readers, talking to trainers at seminars, and chatting with
fitness business experts, I realized that no one was serving the personal
trainer who needed actual no-equipment workout ideas for their bootcamp.

In the end, I had a…

• Product that could be sold to trainers with a higher perceived value (i.e.
$97 instead of $39.95) because it was connected with making money.
• Product that could also be sold to regular TT fat loss end users because I
positioned the e-book as a “desert island workout”. More and more folks are
asking for workouts that require absolutely no equipment…and so I created

• Product that was perfectly position for this “New Economy” that will be
able to help a lot of beginner trainers AND people looking for a career
• Product that leveraged an entirely NEW world of affiliates, rather than
trying to compete with everyone else for the same affiliates.
• Product that complimented the efforts of over 9 BIG-NAME fitness marketing
experts who could become NEW affiliates.

Now because I have the patience of a 16-year old boy on prom night, I did
NOT do a 2-week product launch, but I didn’t need to…because there really
wasn’t any competition.

And this is YOUR GOAL.

To create a category where you are the only answer, and where there is no
competition…so that you will attract affiliates hungry for something new
and positioning you as the absolute authority even when other experts start
following you into that marketplace.

Plus, by creating a new category, you’ll be able to charge HIGHER prices,
make more profit, and deliver an even greater customer experience (extra
bonuses, free follow up unannounced bonuses, etc.)

So here’s what you need to do to B & E (break and enter) into the
competitive fitness info product market:

1. SURVEY – You need to listen to your clients and ask them as many
questions as possible. Find out what they want. Find out their biggest
problem. Then solve it. It’s that simple.

2. FILL A HOLE – In addition to surveying your clients, you also need to
survey the marketplace, identify current trends, and then fill a hole in the
marketplace. If there are already a million “workout at home” e-books, what
can you do that is better or different?

Another quick example: For years, trainers have been releasing hard-core
kettlebell workouts…but my Turbulence Training readers were not ready for
that stuff. They needed a stepping stone product between beginner fitness
and advanced comrade-style workouts…so I teamed up with another trainer to
solve that problem. Again, I surveyed people and found a hole in the

There is almost no faster way to success than “filling a hole in the
marketplace”. If you do this, you’ll be able to easily attract affiliates
because they won’t be promoting the “same old thing” anymore. So focus on
being unique!

3. CREATE AN AVATAR – No, I don’t mean you need to create a movie about
giant smurfs. I mean you must build a “prospect profile”, listing everything
you possibly can about your best potential customer. Where do they live? How
much do they make? What is their first name? Are they married? Kids?
Political views? Religion? Etc. Etc. Etc. List at least 30 and preferably 60
details about your best customer.

4. LEVERAGE – Leverage your unique ability and past experience. What have
you done – or what are you able to do – that no one else in the world can?

5. SOLVE THE PROBLEM – Create a done-for-you solution (i.e. follow along
videos, complete meal plans, or at least an exact day-by-day routine) that
shows your prospect exactly how to solve their problem.

That’s your 5 step system for breaking into the fitness info products
market. It will help you stand out from the crowd and demand attention.

And because you are creating a category of one you’ll be able to offer
affiliates a higher commission, leading to more sales, and you’ll get the
sales snowball rolling.

That’s how you get started.

And if you want even more step-by-step secrets for creating and selling fitness info products online just visit and check out the half price deal Craig has for my clients and subscribers.