Nothing Happens Until a Sale Is Made

A “how to sell fitness” post by Bedros Keuilian

There’s all this talk about fitness marketing, and lead generation and prospecting…bucket

…but no amount of marketing, lead gen, or prospecting can put money in the bank, food in your stomach, and a roof over your head UNLESS you can sell fitness – unless you can convert that prospect into a paying client.

Every “guru” talks about personal trainer marketing and all the ways you can get more leads and prospects in front of you – and to some extent, I’m guilty of it too.

But you know what? The truth is that nothing happens until you make that sale.

Until and unless you can sit across from that prospect and give them a well scripted and crafted presentation you’re not gonna get a dime from them.

See people don’t buy based on logic, we all make our buying decisions based on emotions, on wants and not needs.

There’s actually a really easy seven step process to selling fitness…

Step 1. Rapport. Establish rapport. People by from people they LIKE. Get to know your prospect and get them to know you, and like you, and trust you.

onionsStep 2. Want. Peel the onion by asking a lot of questions that will get your prospect to identify what they WANT. Ask open ended questions like: Tell me why you’ve decided to looking into getting into shape now instead of 12 months ago?

If I can snap my fingers and give you the body of your dreams, can you tell me what your body would look like?

How will you’re relationship with the people that you love change once you’re in shape?

Questions like that will get your prospect to tell you what they really want… their hot buttons. And if you really want to dig deeper and keep pealing that onion just ask: How do you mean that?

Step 3. Benefits. Once you know what the prospect wants start talking BENEFITS and not features.

Step 4. Urgency. It’s human nature… we’re all lazy, and if it were up to you, you’d go home to “think about it” and leave it for tomorrow. But the thing is tomorrow never comes. If you want to make that sale NOW you’ve got to get your prospect to feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to take action.

Step 5. Commitment. This is where 99% of personal trainers lose the sale – they fail to get commitment from the prospect. The idea to get a bunch of mini closes before asking for the sale.

Step 6. Cost. Odds are if someone has contacted you about your personal training or boot camp program then they probably expect to pay more than just a Curves or gym membership. So really the cost issue is more of an issue about VALUE.

During your sales presentation you’ve got to build the perceived value of your service so high, so that when you actually lay out your program prices, the prospects feels they’re getting a KILLER deal.

See, it’s not about the person’s ability to afford your services– it’s about their desire to afford you. If someone wants something bad enough, they’ll find a way to afford it.

Step 7. Close. This is where almost every personal trainer loses the deal. Even if you have a really awesome crafted sales presentation. Even if you got a bunch of mini closes. And even if you established amazing rapport – you’re probably going to lose the sale IF you don’t ask for it, or if you ask for the wrong way.

The bottom line is this…vindissel

If you think that you’re going to get to six, multiple six or even seven figures in your training business just by prospecting or lead generation then the sad truth is that you’re always going to frustrated with the level of income you generate – no matter how many killer fitness marketing tactics you know.

Nothing happens until a sale is made. You don’t get money. And your prospect doesn’t get into shape.

And no one knows that better than my coaching client Samantha T, from Lutz, Florida who just had a record breaking month and sold $79,585.00 in personal training services.

Congrats Samantha!

It’s no wonder you’ll find her success story here along with dozens of others who us my Close Clients personal training sales system and script.

I’d like to hear what you think…