Be Different

soapboxDon’t ever do what everyone else is doing… or you’ll get what everyone else is getting.

I gotta get something of my chest.

This is a soapbox moment.

But it’s one of the best marketing lessons you can ever get.

Periodically my products get knocked off, plagiarized, and even repackaged and sold in other industries.

The same thing happens with my ads, sites, and squeeze pages.

It sucks… and we address it when it happens.

One time a pretty popular online training site (though not as popular as Hitech Trainer) scraped our website source code and in the process somehow added our analytics code to their site.

It was actually pretty funny to see THEIR analytics on our stats. What’s even funnier is when I called them on it they denied it… until I showed them the analytics.

My point, however, is this. While others are trying to figure out what I’m doing now, I’m already working on what’s next.

In my personal training business I realized that everyone else was selling single sessions and small blocks so I started selling six and twelve month results oriented programs and only accepted clients who were willing to commit to these programs.

Everyone else was taking checks and cash each month and chasing the money. I put all my clients on EFT (auto debit) and made it easier for them and more convenient and consistent for me.

Everyone else was offering 60 minute sessions so I went to 30 minute sessions – I charged less, and the client got an extra 30 minutes of their day back.

Everyone else treated their facility like a medical office – sterile, quite, stuffy and serious. I made sure that my clients had fun, that my trainers were high energy, and that you could FEEL the enthusiasm when you walked in through the doors.

Here’s the formula for success in anything you do: be-differant

Be different. See what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.

DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD. Beat your own path.

McDonalds was the first “fast food drive through” when others thought it was a stupid idea.

Starbucks took coffee to a new level by making it an experience.

Southwest airlines (the only one that still made money after 9/11) gets you to look past their lack of comfort and unassigned seating by making flying fun (as can be) and affordable.

Facebook made social media something your mom and grandma can get into and now myspace and the other social platforms are wondering what hit them.

Google made search fun, easy, and unique and added a little personality to it. Yahoo! who?

Apple kicked the CD walkman in the nuts with the ipod while everyone else was trying to make a better CD walkman. And now if you’re not rock’in a macbook or Iphone you’re just not cool.

Be different. Stand out. Don’t follow the herd. Beat your own path.

Find the vacuum in the industry and fill it.

Oh, and there is one more thing to being successful…

… work your ass off. Because I’ve discovered that the harder I work the luckier I get. I bet it’s the same with you 🙂

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