How Have You Changed?

I got the idea for this blog post from my buddy and up and coming fitness info super star Anthony Myers. change-1

He had posted the question “how have you changed?” on his Facebook page and that got me thinking…

… change… we’re all in a constant state of change. Some of us change faster than others and some of us have changed in the wrong direction – I know I have.

I was the kid who never graduated junior high school. I got a certificate of attendance. (I guess that’s want happens when you periodically show up.)

In high school I was the kid who was told by more than one teach that I should “join the military because only the military could help me.”

I hated learning…

I used to be the dude that got into a lot of trouble…

I had a chip on my shoulder so I got into fighting…

I liked fighting, so I became a bouncer at a bar that attracted a lot of skinheads – I won some… I lost some.

I lived out of my Toyota pickup and thought it was cool – till it rained.

At one point – not too long ago – I owed over $110K to a friend and mentor and was scared to death that I couldn’t pay him back.

The thought of speaking in public, up on stage used to freak me out.

I had a problem with authority…. Well, I still do actually 😉

changeI’ve changed a lot over the years, though.

Now I love learning (as long as it’s on my terms and things I’m passionate about).

I’d rather talk my way out – than fight my way out.

I own seven figure businesses and get to help thousands of fitness professionals make it to the top.

I paid back every penny I owed to my friend and mentor.

And these days I can’t wait to get up on stage and teach the things I know to an industry that I’m so passionate about.

Yeah, I’ve changed a lot.

How about you…How have YOU change?