How To Get a Lot Of Clients

Here’s another killer fitness marketing post for you…enjoy 🙂

There are a ton of clients getting strategies out there. They all work to some extent. But most take time, and they build your business up slowly. iceburg2

Slowly is better than nothing at all…

But what if I can show you how to get personal training clients fast?

Okay, lets say you’re gonna run a fitness marketing campaign because you want to get a bunch of new clients for your training or boot camp business.

It doesn’t matter if you send out 5,000 postcards, or spend days, weeks and months trying to search engine optimize your website – at the end of the day you’re probably going to get about 1% conversion from your efforts

…and that’s if you got your stuff dialed in.

What about the 99%?

Sure that stuff will build your business. And its stuff that me and my friends teach. But how about something that can get you a boatload of clients?

Here’s what I mean.

Most of the fitness marketing tactics out there are kinda like a shotgun approach.

Well, more like a targeted shotgun approach. You just kinda aim in the right direction, pull the trigger, and hope that you get 1-2% response (at best).

How about a laser like approach…?

What if you can find where the 1% of the people who would buy from you hang out?

The people who will buy from you if you can position a killer offer and back it up with social proof.

It’s not rocket science. And it’s actually really easy to find out where YOUR most hyper sensitive buyers hang out.

And once you figure that out it’s kinda like fishing with dynamite.

Here’s what you do first to find out where the 1% of the buyers are.

Ask your existing clients these three questions.

1. Where do you do your grocery shopping?
2. Where do you get your hair done?
3. Where can I find more people like you? (ones who are into feeling healthy, looking good and can afford my service).

Crazy, right?!omron-body-fat

But this stuff works. Just ask your best clients the right questions and they’ll tell you where to find more people like them.

Lets say that five of your best clients say that they shop at Whole foods market.

Guess what you should do next?

Go to Whole Foods Market, talk to the manager and ask if you can set up a body fat testing satiation as a value add for their shoppers on a particular day for just a couple of hours.
Then get yourself one of those fake pound of fat and pound of muscle (one of the best attention getters I’ve EVER used), an Omron hand held body fat tester, and a folding card table and plant yourself out in front of that store for a couple hours.

Offer every “Mrs. Jones” who walks by a complimentary two minute body fat test and free report (the report is to give you a reason to get her email address so you can send it to her).

Lets say in those two hours you got 30 names, emails, and phone numbers. I bet you can easily close 33% of them onto a program within the first week. And over time you’ll probably close another third.

How do I know? I’ve done it. In fact this was one of our most successful client getting tactics.

Imagine if you did this four times a week at four different stores? And imagine if you did the same at the place your clients gets their hair done.

Do you see the potential here?

This is what I call belly-to-belly marketing… and this stuff works.

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