Behind the Scenes – Fitness Info Summit

Wassup PTPower-ites, this is Josh Carter, West Hills Personal Trainer and all around cool dude (so I am told.)

For the next few days I will be your eyes and ears as the embedded reporter at the Fitness Info Summit in sunny Orlando Florida. I will be filming a behind the scenes video to give you the inside scoop on all the festivities.IMG_0080

So for those who do not know, the Fitness Info Summit is a gathering of the top dogs in the fitness information product world.  Is their bark as potentially profitable as thier bite?  After only one day I can safely say hell yeah.  I cannot wait to put these insane info marketing strategies into action!

Check out the vid…

Day 2 should be equally cool and info dense. Check back tomorrow for another insider look.

Joshua Carter
”Fitness Info Summit Insider” & “West Hills boot camp Monster”