Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

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Here’s a post from my good friend, body transformation expert and 7 figure formula mastermind member Joshua Carter.

Enjoy 🙂

In this business there are several dirty deeds that need to get done.  No one likes doing them, especially you the boss.

I’m not talking about cleaning the bathrooms (which I hope you don’t have to do either), I am talking about other instances where it would seem necessary that you get your hands dirty.


The dirty job I truly hate the most is dealing with clients with billing issues.  Whether is be a cancellation, a credit card decline or whatever, there never seems to be a cool way for you to handle that.  It’s hard not to feel like an ass when you are asking people for money, even if the money is rightfully due to you.

The best way I have found to deal with the vast majority of my billing and accounting issues is to out source it all to another person – even if that person is not real. (I’ll get to that last part in a minute.)

Whether you own your own facility or are training out of someone else’s YOU are the master trainer, the expert, the “man”, so you need to make sure your clients see you that way.  Billing issues are beneath you.

Here was my situation:  Every once in a while a billing issue would come up- a cancellation or whatever.  That would often make me feel like I was the “bad guy” for having to remind people of their obligations- after all I held up my end of the bargain and trained them, their end of the bargain is simple – pay me.  In any event, I felt like a jerk.

Hiring a billing assistant was simply not feasible as these issues really don’t  come up all that often (but I f’ing hated it when they did) so something had to be done.

So I created Rachel Ortiz.

To everyone else Rachel is my virtual billing assistant.  Shetootsie-415x700 works out of state and can only be contacted via email.  She handles all billing issues, so any billing requests need to go through her.  Got an issue – email Rachel.

In reality Rachel Ortiz is me with a different email address.  No, I do not cross dress when I am emailing as Rachel (you perv.)

My problems were solved. Now I am still viewed as the Supreme Trainer of the Universe and not the billing badee who will hold you to your contract.

Yeah, sometimes Rachel can be a real bitch, but that is what makes her so awesome. (plus she works cheap)

So until you need a real Rachel, make one up.  Just create a new email address and that’s it. Like billing@awesometraining.com– boom, done.

Have all billing issues go through your new assistant. Just remember, you are the king of training, not the billing dork.

So when a client comes to you with a billing issue, tell them you have people for that. Give them the new email address and get back to training. That one simple trick improves your stature in their eyes. This keeps you from getting dirty, essentially making you Mr. Clean.


Joshua Carter
”Mr. Clean”

Joshua Carter is a Personal Trainer in West Hills, CA and one of the coolest dudes I know.

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