The Seven Day Fitness Marketing Promotion

Fit Body Boot CampA few weeks ago I fired up a post where I explained my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program – a sneaky little way to flood your boot camp with a ton of new clients in only a week…

and I gave you the two email sequences that I used to fill up my boot camp within a week.

Well, Scott Colby just sent me these two emails after trying out the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program promo.

I call it “Boot Camp Dynamite”…

Hey Bedros,

I’ve used that tactic of re-packaging my camp into a special 21 day rapid fat loss program before, but just wanted to thank you for your recent post and reminding me how well it works.

Just sent an email out to my list of former camp members and people who had opted in but never signed up.  I called it a 21 Day Pre-Halloween Rapid Fat Loss Meltdown Bootcamp.  I’m charging 67 bucks for it and in 2 days I’ve gotten 19 sign ups already.  Can’t get any easier than that.  Just type up an email and hit “send”, right? : )

Some of these people who signed up weren’t on my list – the deal is so good that my list members are telling their friends and those people are signing up.

We start on Monday so I’ll let you know if I get any more sign ups so you know the final numbers.

Keep up the great work.

Scott Colby


Is this BAD ASS or what?

Scott just got 19 new boot camp clients within a week just by creating a new * Limited Time * program.

I bet after the 21 days he’ll easily convert at least half of these people into his ongoing, high dollar boot camp program.

Here’s why these mini promos work so well and how you can use them to blow up your fitness boot camp…

A large part of your prospects are afraid of commitment. They don’t want to commit to a full priced program just yet because they’re not sure if they’re going to like it. boot-camp

Plus they don’t want to pay “full price” for something they may not like or can’t finish.

B-U-T when you offer them a shorter, lower cost ** limited time ** alternative then you’ve got them hooked.

Here’s what happens in your prospects head when they see this offer.

1.    They see that it’s a shorter program… not even a month long and they go; hum… I can do that.

2.    They see that it’s a significantly lower price than your regular programs and feel as though they are getting a deal (which they are).

3.    They feel like this is their * chance * to take advantage of this offer since it’s not a program that they can start any time… remember it’s a LIMITED TIME OFFER. (you’re best off running this offer two to three times a year only)

But then something else happens once they join your 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program…

They fall in love with it.

They fall in love with you and the other members.

They realize they CAN do it after all.

They see greater value in it because they begin to see and feel results.

And now they’re ready to get on your regular program.

If you want to see the EXACT two emails that I used for the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program go here >>

By the way… Scott sent me another email a couple days after the first one and said he sold two more spots. Kinda cool that he sold 21 spots for a 21-day program.

Also, if you want your own Fit Body Boot Camp location and the same “paint by number” client getting system that our owners enjoy be sure to check out this video >>

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