45 Tips for Mental Toughness and Life Success

Josh Carter washing himself and his "Bedros" at one time
Josh Carter washing himself and his "Bedros"shirt in one shot.

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I like lists.

Strike that… I love lists.

Lists help organize my thought process and my “things to do”.

Lists help me know when I’m done for the day.

And lists are one of the easiest and most effective ways I know for programming yourself for success.

So since I like lists…

…and since I know you probably do too, here’s a list of 45 tips for mental toughness and life success that have helped me most.

1. When in doubt… give more back.

2. Appreciate your clients.

3. Be a value ADDER not a value EXTRACTOR.

4. Set goals.

5. Set MASSIVE goals.

bolt6. Be specific with your goals and dreams.

7. Dream big.

8. Ask “why” often.

9. Create good daily habits.

10. Genuinely thank ten people a day.

11. Be coachable.

12. Practice what you preach.

13. Reject fear, greed, and doubt.

14. Give to get.

15. Visualize success daily.

16. Know what you want.

17. Get what you deserve.

18. Help others get what they want.

19. Fail forward.

20. Believe in yourself.

21. Lead with passion and purpose.

22. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

23. Create a lifestyle business.

24. Surround yourself with successful people.

25. Delegate, motivate and sell.

26. Focus on the big levers.

27. Outsource the little things.

28. Don’t be a spectator in life – PARTICIPATE.

29. Focus on the critical few and NOT the trivial many.

Break the chains of “trading time for dollars”.

31. Stop talking… start doing.

wc_55_skydiver32. Laugh a LOT.

33. This life is not a trial run.

34. Don’t take yourself too serious.

35. Destroy negative self talk.

36. It’s okay to ask for help.

37. Step outside of you’re comfort zone.

38. Don’t limit yourself.

39. Be grateful for what you have.

40. Change your negative beliefs about money.

41. Money is a vehicle to freedom and lifestyle.

42. Expect more of YOURSELF.

43. Avoid crabs, time vampires, and battery drainers at all cost.

44. You deserve better.

45. Pay it forward.

46. This is a bonus one for you and it’s served me well…. Watch where the crowd is going and go the OPPOSITE way.

I hope this list helps you as much as it’s helped me over the years.

What tips do you have to add to the list… let me know in the comment box below.