When Bad Things Happen to Good Trainers

impregnatedstole1Bad things do happen to good people…

I was swapping some stories with a couple of my coaching clients recently when the subject turned to the weird and crazy.

I got to thinking and realized that there have been some pretty whacked out things that have happened to me in my personal training career.

Babies and Embezzlement

One time, after taking a month away from my locations while recovering from ACL reconstruction I went back to one of my locations and asked my head trainer how things had been going. He asked me to have a seat and proceeded to tell me how one of our trainers got his client pregnant and now she’s pissed at the world and wants to take ME to court.

I was floored!

Later that day I learned from the trainer who got the client pregnant that during the past month the head trainer had been taking cash from clients and pocketing the money while the staff trainers delivered the service. I came to find out that he had embezzled $4,700 in about 30 days.

I fired both of them on the spot.

The Shart

This other time, when I was trainer, I offered to give a friend who was having some weight problems a few weeks of personal training. Basically the plan was he’d show up three days a week after I was done training my last client (at around 9:30 PM) and we’d workout together.

Well, here’s how the first “session” went… what a mess…

I’ll call him ‘Bob’ to protect his identity.

Bob showed up for our first workout at 9:40 PM. The plan was to train the push muscles of the upper body. I did the first set up warm up dumbbell shoulder presses.

Then Bob did is warm up set.

Then I sat down on the bench to do my first working set…. all went well.

Then Bob sat down to perform his set. I thought all went well, though I did smell something rotten. But hey, people fart all the time when lifting, right?

shartWhen I grabbed my dumbbells and went to sit on the bench for my second set I saw IT just a fraction of a second before sitting down.

Bob had sharted himself.

Right there on the bench seat was a two inch streak of shiny fresh liquid poop.

I started to gag! But I got my composure together enough to ask “Bob” if he had sharted.

He said no.

I pointed out the brown shiny streak on the bench he just got off of.

In an attempt to prove to me that the brown stuff was a permanent stain on the bench and was there all along he used his knee to wipe the bench (proving it was a stain and not poop).


“Bob took off to the locker room… and I made a B line to my car.

This workout was over.

What’s your “war” story?

I’m guessing if you’ve been in the training business for any length of time, then you probably have a funny, weird, crazy or twisted story to share.

Consider this post “group therapy” and let’s have your best story down below in the comment section.