I Need Your Opinion

I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. I sure did…anthony-robbins1

Having two kids under the age of four means that my wife and I can’t do the spontaneous weekend getaways as much as we used to, but this Labor Day weekend was the exception.

We went to Balboa island (off Newport Beach) on Friday night, walked around, and the kids had a blast. Then on Saturday we decided to take a day trip to San Diego to let the kids swim in the ocean.

That day trip to San Diego ended up being a weekend. It’s hard to come back home when your kids are having so much fun.

And since we were unprepared to stay the night, we ended up going to Target to get some clothes, and some hygiene essentials before checking into a hotel in La Jolla.

(Imagine walking up to the front desk of a swanky hotel with two HUGE Target bags in tote and saying “we’re ready to check into our suite now”… LOL you should have seen the look on their faces.)

It was a fun weekend for the Keuilian Family…

But when I got home last night and went online to check emails and stuff I saw this comment left on my blog by Tom, and honestly I’m a little confused… and that’s why I need your opinion…

Here’s the comment. And so that you know the context it was left under here is the blog post where the comment was left:


Comment Submitted by: Tom Schneider
Submitted on: 2009/09/07 at 1:44am

Well Bedros, all your tips are great and are nothing more than parts of the 4 P’s or Marketing Mix or part of the bigger picture or Strategic Marketing Process.

Here is my 2 cents on what you are doing. You are no longer in the fitness biz dude, you are in the “sell information biz”

I feel bad that you are all about money now and are turning yourself into the Tony Robbins of fitness marketing.

Big question, after you are done doing “SELF HELP”, will you go back to college or even try to get a degree in fitness, maybe even publish a real book, or better yet go to a real FITNESS SUMMIT with ACSM, go to their website where thousands of true fitness professionals, PhD’s, etc.. gather to share TRUE FITNESS KNOWLEDGE, not selling a bunch of get rich quick schemes about fitness marketing, come on dude.

BTW….leave my post on so people can read it, unlike what Steve did and deleted my constructive criticisms.

Remember, opinions are like you know what, everyone has one, even me.

Take the good and bad comments dude, it’s only fair.

BTW, I used to be a recruiter, Army Master Fitness Trainer, and now run my own fitness boot camp and have an MBA, taught college marketing, but never forgot that sharing with others my knowledge on fitness and health is more important than scamming folks out of money….if you do it right, the money will be there, without having to pay you or anyone coaching fees, DVD/s, etc…seminar fees, so maybe you should publish a real book and see if the REAL WORLD will buy it…..I only see you pushing your stuff online and I don’t see you in any college or University giving marketing advice the same as Dr. Michael Porter from Harvard who has well known books on Strategic Management and the true marketing with SCA, look that up if you need to.
Like I said, I need your opinion on Tom’s comment above AND your opinion about me and what I offer to our fitness industry.

Honestly, I don’t care one bit about the personal attacks on me. To answer your question Tom, No I won’t go back to college and get a degree in fitness. College was NOT for me.

What I want to know from the readers of this blog and from those who have purchased my stuff and attended my events…

– Am I way off track like Tom says?

– Are my products a bunch of “get rich quick schemes” like he says?
(by the way we have no record of Tom ever buying any of my products or attending any of my live events)

I really want your opinion on this… am I really off track in what I’m teaching the fitness industry, like Tom says, just because I don’t have a collage degree or MBA?

Tell me what you think below… All comments are welcome.