Eight Factors to BLOW UP Your Personal Training Business

I’ve never been good at “traditional” learningadd-kid1

…my high school teachers would get frustrated with me and often kicked me out of class… and the dean of college did the same within my first year in the university system.

I was a difficult student… I have A.D.D. and after 7th grade I chose to stop taking Ritalin.

These days though I’ve figured out how I learn best – full emersion. For me, the best education comes by hanging out with people who are actively doing what I want to be doing.

I absorb the most by observing, asking questions, and just flat out doing.

gn-mastermind1So I put myself around some of the most brightest minds in marketing. I’ve joined Joe Polish’s Genius Network, AKA “the 25K group” where I get to be educated by dudes doing as much as $100 million a year.

I’ve also joined Yanik Silver’s Maverick Business Adventures because I think sky diving, wrestling alligators, and dog fighting in real fighter jets over the Las Vegas desert with other like-minded super achievers would be fun…

…plus I learn a thing or two about making my next million along the way.

It’s funny because these days I spend more in one year for my business and marketing education then the average student would pay for four years in college. maverick1

I also have my own mastermind group (the 7 Figure Formula inner circle) with some very sharp fitness professionals in it and I learn as much from them as they learn from me.

Then there’s the monthly southern Cali. direct response marketers mastermind that me, Steve Hochman and Chris McCombs started and now we have 12 REALLY bright minds in that group.

Like I said… for me, that’s how I learn. I bet you’re the same way, too.

And what I’ve found is that most really successful entrepreneurs learn that way too – by hanging around other like-minded super achievers and asking questions, watching over their shoulder, and sharing what’s working for them.

So the other day I spent two hours pontificating on the factors that make people super successful in business.

I analyzed my top coaching clients (the ones who are earning multiple six and seven figures)…

I factored in the BIG heavy hitters in the internet and info marketing space that I’ve been fortunate enough to hang out with and learn from and I’ve identified the things that drive me

…and I came up with these eight universal driving factors that all successful entrepreneurs poses. Here they are. I suggest that you adopt these factors and use them to blow up your personal training business up.

#1: OWNERSHIP – The heavy hitters I know all take ownership in what they do. They don’t just go into a business to kinda try it out, to see if it’s right for them, or to just make enough to make ends meet. They go in there like warriors – with full intentions to dominate.

#2: SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE – People who are the best at what they do often are REALLY good at one thing. The rest they outsource out to others. Henry Ford was really good at one thing (it wasn’t car making) perfecting the assembly line. He had specialized knowledge. That’s how the successful roll.

#3: DISCIPLINE – It’s easy to get sidetracked up by the next shiny thing. But it takes serious discipline to focus on the things that need to get done. The super achievers in life are tremendously disciplined and when we need to we’ll work 16 hours days to get it done.

#4 PURPOSE – Everyone I know who’s really successful has a bigger “reason why”. They are purpose driven and that makes it easier to forge ahead when the going gets tough. Be mission driven not money driven. (the money will come)

#5: PROBLEM FINDING – The fastest way to success in any business is to be a problem finder and then solver (and it helps to be an awesome marketers too).

#6: LOVE – Love what you do.

#7: PATIENCE – You won’t find many overnight success stories in business. It takes patience to get to the “tipping point”. The thing is most people quite early, not realizing that in the next day, week, or month they would have hit the tipping point.

#8: FOCUS – Laser like focus in probably the most universal success factor that all super achievers share. Nothing distracts them. They have their eyes on the prize.
One of the guys in the 25k group (sorry, can’t say his name) generates $500 Million dollars a year between all of his corporations and businesses. He shared the story of when he first got started 17 years ago.

To stay 100% focused on his business goals he moved into a hotel in New York City. He lived there for 15 months using just one credit card for his expenses… this way he had no home to take care of, and had the hotel literally handle everything like laundry service to house keeping.

I’m not suggesting that you simplify your life, move into a hotel and live off one credit card until you hit your first million… I’m just giving you a real world example of what intense FOCUS is really like.

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