Freedom, Lifestyle, Purpose, and Passion

The other day my buddy Chris McCombs did killer blog post on “why he does what he does” and I wanted to expand on his post.
I just got back from spending seven days in Seattle. I go up there several times a year, but this time was different because my brother-in-law Pete Shilling got married.

Here's Pete and his bride Betsy
Here's Pete and his bride Betsy

If you’ve ever been to any of my Fitness Business Summits, attended the Seattle Renegade Fitness Marketing workshop or purchased any audio CDs or DVDs from me then you have either seen Pete or experienced his work.

Pete’s the guy that shoots and edits my videos, makes all of our sites, sets up shopping carts, affiliate accounts, does all the graphic work on products and sites, makes this blog look as cool as it does, and tracks and tweaks the “machine” day to day to keep it running in tip top shape.

Me and Steve Hochman with the Groom (Pete)
Me and Steve Hochman with the Groom (Pete)

And this past weekend Pete got married to Betsy – an awesome girl.

Lately, I’ve been traveling a lot.

We’ve been doing a bunch of filming for “Add to Cart” movie. In fact this month I spent every weekend in a different city, yet my businesses continue to bring in the money and give us the lifestyle that my family and I enjoy.

Keuilian family (Chloe and Andrew had important jobs at the ceremony)
Keuilian family (Chloe and Andrew had important jobs at the ceremony)

My businesses serve me.

But it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when I served my business. I didn’t have a business… I owned a job. Sure it was better than working for someone else – but not by much.

You see, the days of working just to make a living are pretty much behind us. These days most people can afford to buy food and have a roof over their head. And if you’re a personal trainer, and you’re reading this blog then I’m guessing that you do better than just making a living…

…and I’d bet you want to be more, do more, and accomplish more, right?

You’re business is there to SERVE you not the other way around.

Every entrepreneur I speak to lists four things as their major drivers for being in business.

1. Freedom. Freedom to do what you want, when you want, for as long as you want.

2. Lifestyle. I love the fact that I get to come to work in my jeans and flip flops. I get to travel where I want, live where I want, and be who I am.

3. Purpose. The most successful entrepreneurs are purpose driven. They have a bigger goal in life than just making a living. For me, I know my purpose is to help fellow fitness professionals reach multiple six and seven figure AND life the lifestyle they want.

Diana (my awesome wife) and I got away from the kids just long enough to take this picture.
Diana (my awesome wife) and I got away from the kids just long enough to take this picture.

4. Passion. Those same successful entrepreneurs are also passionate. They’re passionate about what they do, how they live, and life in general. In fact one super successful internet marketer recently told me that as soon as he’s 1% unhappy with what he’s doing he’s sell it, dissolve it, or outsource it to someone else. I live by that motto and so should you.

The point I’m making here is that you only live once. Craft your business so that IT serves you and not the other way around.

And when you’re building your business build it around Freedom, Lifestyle, Purpose and Passion and the money will follow.