The Single Biggest Reason Why Most People Fail

spaceballbarista1Steve Hochman was at my office on Wednesday for the big Fit Body Boot Camp launch.

It was a special moment for both of us because an idea that we came up with less than a year ago went live Wednesday… and it was a HUGE success!

We were in my office from 7 AM. By 12 noon we found ourselves across the street at starbucks for some iced coffee and then off to Sam’s studio for a workout.

We’re kinda regulars at the starbucks across the street from my office.

Out of curiosity the barista on the other side of the counter asked us if we were taking the day off from work or something. I guess because we were sport’in shorts and flip flops (definitely not traditional “work attire”).

What happened next left her jaw wide open…

That’s when Steve said “actually we made just over $60,000 by ten AM this morning”. Her jaw dropped and every eyeball in the building turned to us.

That’s when things got really weird. She thought he was joking, so before long I found myself trying to sell her on the fact that we really did make $60K by ten AM.

It must have been a funny scene… two REALLY passionate dudes trying to tell a room full of people that we really did do that and that anyone can if they wanted to.

Then things got weirder…

I felt the buzz, looked at my Iphone and saw an email that we were officially at $81K for the day!

So then I said; “scratch that… we actually made $81,000 today.” And at that point I realized (because of the look on everyone’s face) that these people probably think we’re nuts or somth’in.

So we got our iced coffees and left.

My point isn’t the $81K a day. I don’t bring in that kind of money everyday of the month… just some…

my point is that the 25 or so people in that starbucks thought we were full of shit.

See, they already had their mind made up that making this kind of money is impossible. After all… what about the economy, and all that stuff.

THEY HAD LIMITING BELIEFS. They had the wrong mind set.

And that’s when I got the idea for this blog post…

Like I said, we sold a bunch of Fit Body Boot Camp territories the last couple of days.

And I have no doubt that EVERY SINGLE Fit Body Boot Camp territory owner will be super successful…. You know why?

Because we spent a bunch of time and effort creating a step by step, paint by numbers boot camp marketing and operations system. BUT we also created an ENTIRE section on “MIND SET” and what it takes to really become successful.

samaraiBecause MIND SET is everything!

It’s about having a burning desire in the pit of your gut that is SO strong that you can SEE, TASTE, and FEEL the end result before it even happens.

I call it having a warrior  like mind set.

I mean could you ever imagine a medieval warrior going into battle with a “gosh I hope I don’t get hurt or killed today” mindset? Or “I hope this battle works out…”

He’d end up dead in like two minutes.

A real warrior  goes in there with the mindset of “I will go and destroy!” I will thrive because I have more to achieve tomorrow…

Then he does his warrior cry, pounds his chest, gets his “CRAZY EYES” on and goes to war with the mind set that he will win – no matter what!!

Competitive powerlifters visualize their lifts so clearly and achieve their lift in their mind so that when they step onto the platform all the have to do is recreate that same lift that they had already accomplished in their mind over again.

It’s about mind set… it’s about getting in touch with your inner warrior.

And that’s what’s missing today in most people!

There’s way too much complaining going on…

Way too much procrastination…

Way too much negative self talk…

Way too much of starting something with a defeated attitude…

Way too much “economy is in the crapper” BS…

Look, it’s about mind set, having a burning desire, and NOT accepting failure as an outcome.

It’s about believing that anyone with a great idea, product and a burning desire to succeed can make $81,000 a day and MORE!

That’s it… end of story.