On The Road with Add to Cart Movie

What do Internet marketers, bloggers, and pick up artists know about fitness marketing?

A lot…

You probably know that Chris McCombs and I are making a documentary film called “add to cart”. It’s about the subculture of Internet marketing (there more to it than that but you’ll have to wait for the movie to come out to see the big surprise).

Over the last two months Chris and I have been all over the nation doing interviews with virtually every top Internet marketer, bloggers, pick up artists (yep, they make a killing online too) and even the Internet porn industry folks.

Anyway… whenever I remembered I would pull my flip cam out in between our production crew setting up and prepping and I’d get some footage to share here on my blog.

The video below is a small mix of some of the biggest names in marketing, blogging, and the pick up world.

Enjoy 🙂