61 Universal Success Tips For a Better Life and Business

universaltipsI don’t know how you define success, but for me, it’s being able to do what I want, when I want, for as long as I want…

and if I could add just one more tiny little thing to my definition of success – it would be to have positively affected humanity in one way or another, no matter how small, before I kick the can.

But hey… that’s just me.

Earlier today I just started jotting down ideas as quickly as they came to me. When I was done I ended up with this list of 61 success tips for a better life, business, and general world domination stuff.

Here they are… in no particular order…I hope you like’em.

1. Serve a starving crowd. Don’t be everything to everyone. Find your niche, the things you’re passionate about, and the people you like working with. Life’s too short to just “get by”.

2. Create multiple income streams. Gone are the days of linear income. Today the most successful have multiple income streams.  If you want reliability, REAL security and stability in your business… think multiple income streams.

3. Leverage time, technology, and others, and by that I mean VALUE your time and do the things that move you forward and outsource everything else.

dollars4. Create recurring income streams because who wants to only be as good as their last sale?

5. Thank you parents. Seriously. I’m thankful to my parents for bring me to this awesome country at such a young age. The opportunities I have here are ENDLESS. When was the last time you thanked your parents?

6. Pay it forward. It just flat out feels good. And when you do, without expecting anything in return, the universe somehow pays you back in spades.

7. Be thankful for what you have. No one is entitled.

8. Build, nurture, and cultivate your list. The list is king. Always has been… and always will be. Abuse or neglect your list and pay the price.

9. Never give up – you don’t know if you are just one more step away from success.

10. Focus on the critical 5% because these are the things that leap frog you forward in life and business. Outsource the other 95%.

11. Don’t major on minor things.

12. Always up sell, because if you have a decent product or service then you have an ethical obligation to give your clients the best you have.

13. Charge what you’re worth. Never undervalue yourself. Don’t compete on price. Raise your rates NOW and increase value. It’s really a simple formula.

14. The money’s in the backend. If you don’t or won’t sell your clients more of what they want – they’ll give your money to someone else.

15. Solve a problem. It’s really that simple. Be the solution to a specific program.

steal16. Never lie, cheat, or steal. Its short sighted, gets you nowhere fast, and once again the universe will pay you back in spades if you do.

17. Get a little bit of money from a lot of people. This advice was the biggest “ah ha” moment of my life.

18. Guarantee everything. People are skeptical these days and rightfully so, there’s so much crap out there. Do you believe in your product or service? Put your money where your mouth is and guarantee it.

19. Keep your word. ALWAYS

20. Live in abundance. It’s a state of mind and a way if life. There’s enough for everyone.

21. Avoid crabs and vampires. You know who they are in your life. The folks that are like kryptonite when they come around you. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST.

22. Read two books a month.

23. Blog about it. It’s your platform to your market and followers. But don’t deliver shitty content unless you want to create a MASSIVE disconnect.

24. Buy speed. Specialized information has never been as easy to get as it is today. All you gotta do is invest in the stuff and you’ll buy yourself years of speed.

25. Ready – shoot – aim. NOT Ready, aim, shoot.


26. Study Direct response marketing because unlike ‘traditional brand marketing” it delivers results that you can track.

27. Master crafting killer sales copy if you want to sell a shit pile of stuff.

28. Action trumps knowledge – period. It’s a lie… knowledge is not power. Knowledge APPLIED is.

29. Don’t wait for perfect. Perfect will never happen.

30. Learn to sell. This is the single most HIGH DEMAND skill ever. Nothing happens until a sale is made.

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31. Model success, study others, learn from those who have already done it right.

32. Take time off to decompress, bring back down to neutral once in a while.

mansnow33. Try new things.

34. Network often. It’s not WHAT you know; it’s WHO you know, and how THEY feel about you.

35. Ask for help. No man (or woman) is an island.

36. Look for mentors, people you can learn from, people you look up to, people who are already where you want to be.

37. Less talk more action. Just get it done… anyone can talk big.

38. Make it new and improved. If you want more sales, reinvent yourself and your products. Look at what happened to Coke when they introduced the fridge pack or Trident gum when they repackaged their product – both products increased sales virtually overnight. People want new and improved… so give it to them.

39. Exercise you body. Some of the best business ideas I get come to me while I’m working out. It’s proven that workouts release “happy hormones” into your bloodstream and working out alters your state-of-mind and makes you more creative.

40. Exercise your mind. Challenge yourself. Take in new information, thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Expand your mind.

41. Publish a book – become an instant authority.

42. Success happens in chaos, a line from Dan Kennedy. And it’s true.

fish43. Catch the big fish. You’re going to work just as hard to get the big fish as you do with getting the small ones. The bigger fish are way more profitable and require much less maintenance.

44. Repel riff-raffs. Inevitably you’ll attract riff raffs, tire kickers, people who can’t (or won’t) afford what you’re selling. Learn to spot them quickly and set up systems to repel them. Let them go to your competitors.

45. Come with a giving hand. Zig Ziglar says “when you help enough people get what they want… you’ll get what you want.” Eben Pagan says be a value ADDER to other people’s lives and not a value EXTRACTOR.

46. It’s about what you KEEP not what you EARN. Manage your business, your profits, and your expenses.

47. Fail forward. I’d rather reach for 10,000,000 and only hit 5,000,000 than reach for 100,000 and make it.

48. Protect your time. You only have so much of it and there are way too many vampires trying to take it.

49. Listen. Don’t “wait to speak”… actually listen.

catlion50. Have unreasonable expectations. Dream big… no matter how stupid it seems to others.

51. Be humble.

52. Know what you want. Forget about keeping up with the Jones’. What do YOU want?

53. Know your numbers. You can tell me anything you want about your business, but nothing will tell a more truthful story than the actual numbers.

54. Be unique and original.

55. Make it irresistible. Give them a compelling reason to BUY IT now.

56. Pre-sell. Don’t wait for the doors to open or for the site to be up. See it now.

57. Cross-sell. What else can you sell them? What else do they WANT?

58. Think high profit low risk.

59. Strike while the iron’s hot. Don’t think about, kick it around, or get to it later. If you have a good idea… there’s no better time than NOW to get on it.

60. Understand how money moves… because it’s always moving… to… or away from you.

61. Enjoy life. This is not a trial run.

What tips do you have to add to this list? Leave them below in the comment box.

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