The FBS09 Workshop That Never Happened…Until Now

I have a killer video for you. It should have taken place at Fitness Business Summit 09 a few weeks ago… but some things are out of our control… but I’m making up for it here and now.

But first I have to get a little something off my chest. So just indulge me for a moment, okay?

maocI hate pitch fests. I really do.

I paid $200 bucks to go to a one-day mini seminar yesterday on strategic stock investing and I was SO disappointed.

The entire thing was a pitch fest.

All four presenters gave away a little bit of content, then teased some of the good stuff and then pitched their programs and products.

That’s total crap!

Don’t get me wrong… I have nothing against people making money. But at least give me some really usable content – don’t make me feel like I have to buy something to get what I PAID to get.

So I walk out… and so did a bunch of other people.

Here’s a quick lesson for you if you ever plan on having your own seminars:

1.  If your event is going to be a pitch fest then make the event free.

2.  Or at least make it low cost and give a bunch of great content and then make your offer… people who are going to buy will buy regardless.

I was on a good streak. Hadn’t been to a pitch fest for over a year. Now my streak is broken. Bummer.

Talk about creating a MAJOR disconnect with the audience.

** Side note** Robert Allen runs the best pitch fest seminars. They are free, he gives away a bunch of cool stuff like books, CD ect, and the presenters all give really good content – And THEN they make you an offer.

I buy a crap load at his events all the time.

If you ever plan on doing a pitch fest (which I don’t recommend) at least model it after Robert Allen’s events.

Anyway, I had to get that off my chest. What a waste of my Saturday.

Okay, for those of you who were at Fitness Business Summit 09 you know that we had to cancel the Lauren Brooks Kettle Bell workshop because she was sick.

Last week Lauren called me and said she filmed a 14-minute KB workshop especially for the FBS09 attendees.

After watching her video I decided I had to share it with everyone.

Check it out…

One more thing. I’m looking for some new… out-of-the-box workouts I can do at home in my garage. I figure no better group of expert to ask then you guys, my clients and subscribers.

Leave me your best 30-minute workout in the comment box below. You never know I may end up filming it and posting it here on my blog.