Five Fitness Marketing Tips I Got From Tucker Max

coffeebeanI’m sitting in a Coffee Bean coffee shop off Sunset Blvd in Hollywood writing this blog post.

I’m not much on Hollywood… to many weirdo’s and way too congested… but we (Chris McCombs and I) spent the entire day here along with our camera crew interviewing Tucker Max for Project ALPHA – now known as “Add To Cart” a full feature internet marketing documentary

really a documentary on the subculture of Internet marketing, blogging, the thought leaders, and the weird, wacky, and colorful niche markets that exist on the Internet.

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tuckermaxI wont be talking about the documentary much here because this blog and the content here is all about YOU and YOUR fitness business and showing YOU how to get more clients, profits, and freedom.

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So while hanging out with Tucker Max and sitting through  his funny interview this is what I took away… Five Fitness Marketing Tips From Tucker Max

1. If you’re not passionate about your market, business and the people you serve then find a new niche. When you LOVE what you do the money just comes.

I can attest to that… I love coaching and consulting fitness professionals. I am one, it’s my passion and its what I was put on this earth to do. And because of that the money just comes.

2. Take risks that others wont. Tucker sent his manuscript to over one thousand publishers. He got zero response but he believed in his idea and continued to do what he loved. Now he’s got one of the top blogs in the world, he’s on NY Times bestseller list (currently # 2 on the list) and his book was just made into a movie.

streak3. Create your own niche. This was a killer take away that Tucker shared. His whole thing is this; why go into a niche and compete with others when you could create your own niche, your own market and DOMINATE? That’s what he did.

Brilliant, right?

4. Blog with no filters. This was a HUGE take-a-way too and something I practice all the time. People want the unfiltered truth. They don’t want watered down, emotionless crap, or sterile dialogue that’s boring and blah!

5. Content is king. The fastest and easiest way to get people to find your blog and keep coming back is to give them REAL content that they can’t find anywhere else and that they want to read.

On the other hand the fastest way to create a disconnect and to drive traffic AWAY is to give lousy content that people can find anywhere with one simple Google search.

Chris and I are going to be interviewing some of the WORLD’S BIGGEST Internet marketers over the next couple of weeks…

what questions would you want us to ask these world class Internet marketing experts for you?

Let me know below…