How To Dominate Page One of Google

chrismccombsHey, Bedros here… I wanna tell you about something pretty special and give you some of the best tips around at getting your fitness website to the top of Google… but first…

My friend Chris McCombs spoke at the Fitness Business Summit on Friday and had the crowd laughing hysterically for the better part of an hour.

His talk was on blogging and how he has literally created a “cult-like” following of loyal blog readers who RACE to his blog just about anytime he puts up a post… it’s a pretty sick strategy that has created SEVEN income streams for Chris (you know how much of a big fan I am of multiple income streams)

And I’ll be the first to tell you Chris is one the big reasons behind the success of… he mapped out the strategy, I implemented it and now I’m getting tons of new leads and sales everyday just because of this blog.

Well at the Summit I asked Chris if he’d open 15 spots in his sold-out Market Annihilator program… which he did… and those spots sold out almost immediately.

Since word got out that Chris re-opened it but all 15 spots sold out my customer support has been getting email after email from subscribers and clients of mine just like you practically begging me to see if I can get Chris to let just a few more people in…

After some convincing on my part and busting out some wicked NLP tactics on Chris (which I’ll have to tell you all about in the future) I convinced him to open the doors on the program for just today and tomorrow… if you weren’t able to get in at the Summit because you weren’t one of the lucky 15… here’s where you can sneak in the back door

The program covers EVERYTHING you need to dominate your fitness market online, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, blogging, social media, list building, video marketing, copywriting, traffic, conversions and TONS more.

But before you get started with the program, let me tell you about some of the cool stuff you’re gonna learn and actually give you some tips you can start implementing today.

zhuntLike how to dominate Google just like Chris helped Zach Hunt do here in this screen shot… where you can see not only is Zach at the top of the Google pay-per-click ads and the Google local map listings… he also owns EIGHT of the top six positions in the Google free organic listings for his main keyword phrase… including positions number one through six… he did this using Chris’s Market Annihilator tactics ( Zach gets new clients almost every single day just because of this… he was at the summit telling people all about it)

Just check it out here…


To do this, basically take your location, including your county as well as the cities you serve

Now, combine that with your service (and similar services) and include variations on the same page. Service means type of service ( like “personal training”, not the name of your business)

Here’s a list of some you might wanna be optimized for:

  1. personal trainer, personal training, personal trainers ( throw in the word “fitness” a few times)
  2. fitness trainer, fitness training, fitness trainers
  3. boot camp, boot camps, bootcamp, bootcamps
  4. weight loss, weight loss center, weight loss clinic, weight loss program, ( and plurals of these)
  5. health club, health clubs,
  6. gym, gyms
  7. fitness center
  8. workout
  9. exercise

You multiply the locations you serve by the service phrases

So say for example you serve Podunk Nowhere and offer training, boot camps and a studio, you would want to come up high for

  • Podunk Nowhere personal trainer, personal training, personal trainers ( throw in the word “fitness” a few times)
  • Podunk Nowhere fitness trainer, fitness training, fitness trainers
  • Podunk Nowhere boot camp, boot camps, bootcamp, bootcamps
  • Podunk Nowhere weight loss, weight loss center, weight loss clinic, weight loss program, ( and plurals of these)
  • Podunk Nowhere health club, health clubs,
  • Podunk Nowhere gym, gyms
  • Podunk Nowhere fitness center
  • Podunk Nowhere workout
  • Podunk Nowhere exercise

That’s 6 locations multiplied by 9 service phrases, that’s means you’ll want 54 optimized pages written for YOUR site.

You’ll want you keywords in the title tag, in the headline, throughout the copy naturally at about a 2-5 percent keyword density… AND you’ll want to fire links to your site using you main keyword term for that page AS the anchor text

So to dominate for all those terms shown above, you’ll probably want links pointing to EACH page from the following…

  • Squidoo Lenses
  • Hub Pages (only get “followed” Hub Pages links though, not “no followed” ones)
  • Guest blog posts from popular fitness blogs ( AT LEAST 2 guest blog posts to each page… just contact popular fitness blogs and offer them guest posts and put your links in the author resource section)

You’ll be able to get approx 2 links from most of these sources, just make sure to point them to different pages and don’t forget to use your keywords in the anchor text of the link.

And be sure to interlink the pages on your own site as well using your keyword phrases in the anchor text links.

So your ‘Podunk Nowhere personal trainer’ page would link to you ‘Podunk Nowhere boot camp’ and so on…

Also, be sure to start with your most important phrases and work your way down the list… meaning if you have a personal training business, start with the “personal trainer, personal training, personal trainers” service phrases mixed with your most important location… like your county and the city your business is actually in.

Then work your way down the list. Many of the pages can be written for $5 – $20 each. The ones for Ezine and Isnare can be the lowest quality and outsourced overseas using Elance or, and the ones that go on your site and as guest blog posts on fitness blogs are the ones you might wanna invest the most in… especially the ones on your own site… so get someone halfway decent to write those.. the more popular the blog the better the post should be.

Or you can do what Chris and Zach do, barter this stuff out, you can actually get most of this work done for you for you for free. Just find some barter people on Craigslist and throw them in your boot camps or group training sessions… Chris and Zach get a TON of work done this way.

directories1You’ll also want to be in these directories:

  • Yahoo
  • BOTW
  • Gimpsy
  • JoeAnt

That will help with trust and juice in Google, VERY important… you can just fire those links to your home page if you want.

Now, make sure on your pages you’re displaying some good sales copy and social proof, through testimonials, before and after pics and video testimonials… there’s nothing worse then sending quality traffic to a lousy page that won’t convert.

There ya go, I kind of had to twist Chris’s arm to share these tactics on my blog… so be sure and put them to good use.

This stuff works to get clients link clockwork, and when combined with effective Pay-Per-Click advertising, proper Craigslist marketing and the right Social Media approach, you can literally get clients on an automated basis like clockwork… which is EXACTLY what Chris is gonna help you how to do step-by-step in his Market Annihilator Program.

Every time he opens it sells out right away, but as a favor to me and my blog readers just like you, he’s opened the doors on it for today and tomorrow only. Don’t miss the boat, I’d hate to tell ya I told you so.

If you want to get a TON of business from the Internet, here’s your chance… but it won’t last long.

And be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know what jedi internet marketing tactics you like to use.