There’s Always a Fitness Marketing Opportunity

joshHey, Bedros Keuilian here,

Inspiration comes at the weirdest times and places. For me, I’ve had a lot of ah-ha moments about my businesses and life in general while on vacation, away on a business trip, and even at a ball game.

By good friend and body transformation expert Josh Carter had an ah-ha moment yesterday at the carwash. It was one of those ones that really drive the point home so I asked him to share it here on my blog.

Today was a big day for me.  Why?  I got my car washed.  Why is that a big deal?  Simple really.  I have several personality traits that make getting my car washed a rare event.

First, I am exceptionally lazy.
Second, I am extremely impatient.
Third, I am a cheap bastard.

Being impatient means I hate taking the time to drive it in when there are so many more important things I could be doing (napping comes to mind).  Being lazy means that I sure as shit am not going to wash it myself.  So yeah, my car stays dirty most of the year.

Being a rough and tumble personal trainer, I can get away with having a dirty SUV most of the time. I say it shows that I have “character”.  But there comes a point when enough is enough.  The number of empty water bottles alone meant I could not fit any passengers and the amount of dead bugs on my car significantly increased my wind drag.  Plus my wife says it smelled like protein farts,( but then again she says that about wherever I have been.)

It was time.  I could deny it no longer.  So off I went to the local car wash.

While I cannot deny that I am a cheap SOB, the truth is I do not mind spending money on certain things.  But a car wash is generally not one of those things.  And so when I pulled into the car wash I haggled the guy into giving me the $49.95 carwash for $40.    The dude handed me a big red plastic card that read “$49.95 Hand Wash” (which was my claim check) and so I paid the $40 and I headed over to the waiting area.

As I sat there for almost an hour, returning calls and playing with my cell phone something caught my attention.  Out of the 14 people sitting there waiting for their cars I could see 9 of them had the big red $49.95 claim check – just like mine.  Those were just the ones I could see.


Now this place offered a basic $17.95 car wash too, but all these people opted for the $50 “ultra” service.  $50 freakin’ bucks to get their damn car washed.  By the way, these were not all Mercedes and BMWs, these were normal people cars – Fords, Hondas and Toyotas etc.

Good news for me is it looks like I am not the only lazy one – but that’s not my point.

My point is, like me, these people are not averse to spending money on a quality service.  They could have gone with the basic cheap-o service – but they didn’t. Even in this shit economy nine people were spending $50 on a Wednesday at noon to get their car nice and shiny. (and that’s just while I was there)

Let me bring this home for you – if they are willing to spend $50 to make their car look all pretty, how much might they be willing to spend to make their bodies look all nice and pretty?

The economy is what it is but here is the truth of the matter:  People have money.  People have money to spend on training.  If they can spend $50 to wash their car, you damn well better believe they can spend at least that much to get trained. I am not saying you should advertise in a carwash (hmmm….) but people can afford you *IF* you are offering a quality service.

The trick is to find people who want what you offer and are willing to pay what you charge. If you’re marketing to the wrong market – stop. If you’re niche is broke… find a new niche.

People still have money and they’re willing to part with it *IF* you give them a compelling reason to.

I have talked to too many trainers who whine that they are not doing well because of the crap economy.  That is bullshit. They are doing shitty because their marketing sucks- plain and simple.

Even I have had to step up my game – but my numbers have never been as good as they are right now.

If you buy into the defeatist mentality that the economy (or anything for that matter) is what is holding you down then you are doomed to fail.  The only limits are the ones you set for yourself.  People can afford you.

Your services are worth it.

Believe it.

Attack your marketing.  Be ruthless and relentless.


No matter how well you are doing tell yourself you can do more- because you can.

Hold yourself to higher standards.

The clients are out there for the taking – my hour at the car wash proves it.

Hey, this is Bedros again…

I agree with Josh 100%. Don’t you? Tell me what you think below.