What I Rediscovered At The Renegade Fitness Marketing Workshops

I just got back from Austin, Texas where we (Josh Carter and I) ran another Kick Butt Renegade Fitness Marketing workshop (and ate a ton of killer Texas barbequed meat!)fitness marketing

Every weekend in March has been spent in a new city for this tour, and EVERY person we met though out this tour has been super AWESOME!

The Renegade Fitness Marketing tour has really confirmed what I have always believed – that there is no better industry to be working in than the fitness industry. And fitness professionals are the COOLEST people ever!

I’m really grateful for being in the position I’m in and thankful for finding my calling so early in life.

THANK YOU for putting your trust in me and my fitness marketing and business boosting products, services and events!Personal Trainer Marketing

I think it’s important to be grateful and to take inventory from time to time.

So here’s my gratitude list…

I’m thankful for my wife, Diana who helped me start our empire from the beginning and who still is a very major part in the day-to-day operations around here.

I’m grateful for my team, my business partners, our programmers, and Pete – the guy that you don’t see or hear about often but plays a HUGE part in our organization.

thank-you-2I’m grateful for my mentors – the people who I’ve looked up to and who have given me direction in business and other aspects of life. And I’m grateful to have met so many awesome folks in the fitness industry (too many to name) who I can turn to, brainstorm with, or just to bounce and idea off of.

As the old saying goes; no man is an island – and I’m thankful for the network of experts and friends I’ve met in our industry.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day stuff that we forget to celebrate our victories. We forget that others helped us along the way. And we forget that the fitness industry is truly THE best industry to be in – even in a crappy economy.thank-you-31

I don’t know about you, but I can’t see myself doing anything else but this.

Gratitude is important.

Who or what are you grateful for?  Let me know below…