I screwed up on this one

summit09Okay, when I screw up on something I’m the first to admit it.

So here it is…

I’ve been getting a bunch of emails, tweets, and Facebook messages from fitness pros asking me why the ‘buy now’ buttons on the Fitness Business Summit 09 website are disabled.

Here’s my explanation video: www.fitnessbusinesssummit.com

In fact, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been promoting Fitness Business Summit 09 the last couple of weeks. The thing is I kinda of made an embarrassing mistake.

What I mean by kinda is that I miscalculated some numbers and it turns out we actually over sold the Summit by six seats and so we turned off the registration process while I try to work things out with the hotel.

But then all the email and stuff started pouring in and so I made this video to explain what’s going on for those of you who were waiting for the last minute to register.

www.fitnessbusinesssummit.com <<== watch this.

Sorry about the confusion ☺