How I Get So Much Done In a Day


Once or twice a week I get emails from clients and subscribers asking me how it is that I get so much done with creating new fitness marketing info products, software and live events and workshops to just name a few.

The follow up question to that is, what’s a day in your life like?

Honestly, for a long time I tried to avoid making a ‘day in the life of Bedros’ blog post because I figured it would come off as too self serving and self promotional.

But since the emails like the one below keep pouring in…I figured what the heck. Maybe you guys really do want to know what my daily activities are and how it is that I get so much done.

From: Margarite []
To: [email protected]
Subject: You’re pretty amazing

Hello Bedros,

I’ve been getting your emails and watching and following up with some of the stuff and I’ve got to tell you – I don’t know how you do it????

I mean – yes, I see the excitement, the lead generation and the way internet spreads the word; but, knowing really well about over scheduling and multitasking as well as looking into new markets, following up with growth and opportunity – I am also aware – it all takes a lot of time, my friend…

I’m so curious about you – Well, if you’re like most of us and from the looks of it, even busier – how about you talk about yourself and how you troubleshoot/multitask with your own time of business development, networking, training others, training yourself, finding time for family and loved ones and troubleshooting with things that happen day in and out?

Can you sort of open that up, too?  With all due respect, I would understand if you wouldn’t want to put your average daily schedule/agenda online; but, that would probably teach me more things than many of these techniques which you teach and I get it; but, I just can’t get enough time in the day to DO it 🙂

Thanks – take care – and keep up the EXCITEMENT !!!

I thought about making this post a video log of my day from beginning to end. I actually went through and filmed almost an entire day. Then when I played some of it back it looked stupid because it’s hard to go about an average day when you have a video camera following your every move.

So I scrapped that and decided to use pictures instead and just make a daily timeline.

Here it is… a typical Bedros Keuilian day.

7:35 A.M. I don’t use an alarm clock these days. My body’s internal clock is set to 7:30 A.M. PST… doesn’t matter if I went to sleep at 10:00 PM or 2:00 A.M. My eyes always pop open at about 7:30 A.M.

Usually I reach over, grab my Iphone and check the “numbers” for the day because most of our EFT and recurring revenue runs between 1:00 A.M. and 3:00 A.M. and this gives me a good indication of what the end of day numbers are going to be.

(I have daily goals set – which then help me achieve my monthly goals – and ultimately my annual income goal. You should be doing the same.)

Here I am minutes before waking up cuddled with my pillow. (Good thing my wife got this picture for you.)

8:30 A.M. I take long showers. After my shower I usually go into my son’s room, who’s usually awake by this point, and lay with him in his bed and chat for a few minutes before heading down stairs to brew some coffee. At this point my daughter Chloe is still fast asleep.

8:50 A.M. This is one of my favorite times of the morning. While waiting for the coffee I make my meal replacement shake and chat with my wife about the day ahead. My wife is a BIG part of our business and this is good strategizing time.

9:10 A.M. By this point I’m in the Tahoe making the 3.2 mile drive to the office. I’ll typically listen to some kind of an info product on my drives. On this particular morning I was listening to Vincent James, on how he created $100 Million in 23 months.


9:19 A.M. I’m in the office. Marilyn and Allison (my assistants) have already been in for over an hour. They’ll take a minute or two to get me caught up on anything that I need to know before I walk into my office (also known as my cave.)

9:30 A.M. On my desk is a yellow lined note pad. Before leaving the office the day before I make a list of everything I need to get done when I walk in the next morning. This is important. Helps me get productive instantly, otherwise I could spend as much as 30 minutes easing myself into the day and organizing my thoughts. (NOT GOOD)

There are TWO main secrets for getting a LOT done.

1.  I chunk everything into tasks. All calls are made at the same time. All emails are done at once (not throughout the day). All videos are shot at once. All phone coaching takes place Tuesday mornings. Chunk like activities together for maximum productivity.

2. Outsource EVERYTHING. My wife does the numbers, sales reports bills, and banking stuff for all the businesses. My staff takes care of customer support, incoming phone calls, and shipping matters. (they also serve as gatekeepers to keep time vampires from reaching me.) Pete, manages our sites, this blog, and is the conduit between me and the programming team. Because of this awesome team I’m left to market and have the freedom to think up more business ideas (which is what I do best.)

(Here I am making my four calls for the day)

10:05 A.M. I make my twitter and facebook updates. I keep myself in check. I don’t click on useless links, watch dead end videos and look through multiple posts that will eat away at my valuable time. I make my updates, glance through my replies and done.

10:15 A.M. I chunk an hour or so on emails. I get a couple hundred emails a day. Again, important emails first. I resist the urge to click on dead end links that I know will end up wasting my time. Long ago I unsubscribed from lists and people I don’t do business with. FREEDOM.

11:30 A.M. Time to get my workout on! I workout at Fitness Concepts, Sam’s studio just ten minutes away from my office. In the car I listen to more business development audio programs.
This particular day was back and trap day. I keep my workouts to 30 minutes long, compound sets, little rest.

12:15 P.M. Time for lunch… I’m off to Waba Grill for a chicken bowl, brown rice (most of the time) and streamed veggies).  More audio programs in the car.


**Success Tip** Multitask activities. I like to drive and listen to audio books and info products.

12:50 P.M. I’m back in the office – time to knock the rest of the things off my list.

1:00 P.M. Work on sales copy and video script for PROJECT X.


1:35 P.M. Call comes in from a potential Fitness Business Summit 09 sponsor. (Here I use my highly tuned persuasion skills to get them to agree to sponsor FBS09.)

1:38 P.M. Back to work on Project X copy and video script.

2:35 P.M. Time to fire up a killer blog post up on


3:15 P.M. Blog post is up, broadcast is out, time for a little power nap. I like to keep the nap 15-20 minutes long. (I found that a mid afternoon nap is a great way to give birth to new ideas.)


3:30 P.M. Time to read a new sales book I got in the mail the other day. (Sometimes I may spend this time watching an info product DVD.)


3:50 P.M. Time to check emails one last time and then go home.

4:30 P.M. I’m back home – was listening to more audio programs in the car. (I think I got in 35 minutes of education just in the car today.)


4:30 – 11:00 P.M. Time to hang with the kids, play outside while my wife goes out for her long run (she’s training for her sixth marathon). Then dinner, kiss the babies goodnight, and hang out time with my honey 🙂

** Side Note ** Some days are not as productive as others because things come up that eat up valuable time but they still need to be addressed.  And some days I have way more stuff to get done then I have time for during the day. That’s life. And on those days I may work at home for a couple hours after the kids go to bed or after my wife and I hang out.

I do what needs to get done – no excuses.

That’s what my “average” day looks like.

Here are some take way points for you:

  • Make lists and put them in order of hardest to easiest
  • Chunk your daily activities
  • Outsource as much as humanly possible.
  • Avoid time vampires (people, emails, aimlessly cruising the internet)
  • Increase your knowledge of things that will increase your income. (It’s like buying speed and freedom at wholesale prices)

If you got this far on this post… thank you for reading. I’m curious, what does your “average” day look like? Let me know below…