Two And a Half Days In Jamaica (New York)

I have a weird video for you today. No client getting, money generating, or productivity tips today.

Just a weird video…

This weekend Josh Carter and I flew out to Queens, New York for my Renegade Fitness Marketing workshop.

The workshop attendees were totally awesome! And the feedback was out of this world.

But something freaky happened the day before the workshop. It was the day we arrived in Queens.

We asked the dude at the front desk of the hotel to call us a cab. First off what he called WAS NOT a cab. This guys rolls up in a beat up SUV, had no taxi cab sticker or markings – but we got in anyway.


After dinner we called the dude back to come by and pick us up. By this time it’s like 9:30 P.M.

We asked him to stop by a 7-11 type of store so we can buy some water and snacks.

Here’s where things got WEIRD…

All of a sudden we were in the most run down part of Jamaica, NY. It could have been Compton, CA if I didn’t know better.

The place he took us was beyond a hole-in-the-wall.

This three minute video shows you how we went from having a decent dinner to almost getting shot:


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