Want Fitness Marketing Domination? Be Known For Something

I’m leaving for Washington tomorrow morning for the first leg of the Renegade Fitness Marketing workshop tour.

If you’re registered to attend the Seattle workshop I’ll see ya this Saturday and I’m bringing a surprise guest with me!

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The other day while driving back from San Diego I brought up a scenario to my wife. And I want to know what you think.

What if I could show you how to make $21,000/month on a part time basis, training only five clients, three days a week…?

I know, I know, considering the economy that’s probably a crazy statement, right?

Or is it?

Just hang with me for this hypothetical scenario for a moment…

What if you created this SUPER DUPER HIGH END PERSONAL TRAINING BUSINESS and ONLY served the ULTRA wealthy?

I’m talking about serving the REALLY wealth in your community like the person who owns the local car dealerships, restaurant chains, strip malls and apartment complexes.

elite-2People who are making millions, have the disposable income and want the best in everything no matter what.

The business would have to be sick in every way! I mean it would have to be serious tens in all areas.

Imagine this…

The program would cost $4,200/month – that’s $350 a session.

Think about that. Five clients paying you $4,200 month, training three days a week.

But it would have to be W-A-Y more than just training as you and I know it.

They’d be picked up by a driver and dropped off at your facility.

The facility would be spotless, clean, organized, inviting, professional, and SUPER upscale in EVERY WAY.

I’m talking…

Towel service

Fiji water

Their own personal iTunes playlist

Their desired climate temperature

After the workout session was over the driver would take then take them to get a manicure and massage (all part of their program).

They’d get a weekly shopping list emailed to them – making grocery shopping a no brainer.

The works…

You’d have to be known as the most expensive personal trainer in the state – way over the top in amenities and service.

WAY exclusive… And that would get you TONS of publicity and a waiting list like the local country club because training with you would be a status symbol – and that’s something the super wealthy NEED and WANT.

This could totally work.

BUT you’d have to be KNOWN as the expert that the elite turn to when they absolutely must look and feel their best at any cost.

Seriously, think about that. If you were KNOWN for being this ultra fitness GURU – the expert that the elite turn to, couldn’t you get five of the most elite people in your city or county to give you $4,200 a month?

For the wealthy it would be the equivalent to paying $300 – $400/month.

elite-1Now I’m not saying that this could be done in every city and every state. It can’t.

What I am saying is that if you were KNOWN as the fitness guru for the elite, for the ultra wealthy and priced and positioned yourself accordingly then you could penetrate this marketing IF your area had this market – and most do.

And think about how much easier it would be to find these clients.

It would simple be a matter of sitting down and making a list of people in the area who are earning say $10,000,000 or more annually.

Then it’s a matter of getting your message, service, and offer in front of them in a way that speaks to their ego.

My point here is that you’ve got to be known for something.

Here’s another hypothetical scenario….

Imagine if you decided to take a stand against the recession and become your cities, counties, or state’s only (or at least the first) personal trainer to be the LEAST expensive because you’re sick and tired of the economy making people fatter, more stressed, and out of shape so you’re finally making personal training affordable for everyone.

Again it would be about taking a position and being known for something.

Here’s what I would do if I wanted to be the trainer in my area to take a stand against the recession.

The fastest and cheapest way to make a membership site.

First I’d buy a word press blog theme that works great for content management, like word press revolution theme. (about $250)

Next I’d buy A-Member and plug that in for the membership management part. (about $199)

Then I’d get 1shopping cart as the payment processor and plug that puppy in. ($99/month)

Then I’d get Hitech Trainer and use it to create exercise programs and meal plans. ($49/month)

Then I’d get a flip cam to shoot my own content as well. (about $149)

And finally I’d let 250 people into the program for free for 90 and deliver AWESOME content and results – they’d be my army of word-of-mouth marketing.

My position would be: “just because the economy is in the dumps doesn’t mean your body should be so I created a program called the “fitness bailout program” where you get fitness and fat loss programs and a place to network with locals for less than the cost of a gym membership.

Think about that one…

Positing yourself as the fitness guru committed to helping people achieve their fitness and fat loss goals in spite of the recession.

That’s something that would instantly hook the media.

But again, you’d have to position yourself. Be known for being the cheapest, most low cost fitness program in town.

With the publicity and word of mouth marketing you’d get from the 250 free members I bet after a few months of hard work you can get 500 people on your program.

paparazziHere’s the math… 500 people paying you just $29.00/month would give you $14,500/month in income.

And the cost of setting up this entire “cheapest trainer in the state” program would run you under $800 and about $300/month to maintain.

The point of this post is not to give you two business models that are on extreme ends of the spectrum… Though both would work like gang busters if you positioned yourself right.

The point is this…

Be known for something. Don’t be JUST ANOTHER TRAINER in town.

Competition is fierce in the middle because that’s where everyone is and they’re all fighting for the same market.

But if you’re on either end of the spectrum there’s way less competition.

It’s just a matter of taking a position and being KNOWN for something and the market is YOURS.

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