The W.D.M Fitness Marketing System

This post is a little different than normal because it includes a story and video (down below).

Please read the entire post before watching the video below – it’s the only way this thing will make any sense to you.

There are all types of fitness marketing systems and strategies out there for growing your personal training business.

worlddomination1Some online… some off line.

Some cost money… some don’t.

Some are easy… some are difficult.

But then there’s the client getting, instant expert positioning, competition crushing, get-out-of-my-way-or-else fitness marketing system that I call W.D.M. (World Domination Mode) that is in a league of its own.

Now that I think about it… it’s not even a fitness marketing system.

It’s more of a mind set. It’s like a hyper-entrepreneurial state-of-mind.

W.D.M. is a weird thing actually. I don’t even know if there is a technical name for it. It’s something that just happens.

You don’t even realize it. It kinda just creeps up on you.

It’s like something clicks in your head one day and BANG you’re in world domination mode!

I see it happen a lot with my 12 month mentorship coaching clients about half way through the program.

At first they want an idea or two for increasing profits and getting their fitness marketing system in order. Then the focus turns to systemizing their operations, dialing in their niche, and getting confident with charging what they’re really worth.

But then once the confidence soars something else happens…they break through this glass ceiling that they were up against for years and all of the sudden change comes faster and easier for them than ever before.

wdmswitch1That’s when the toggle switch CLICKS to WORLD DOMINATION MODE and they seem to make super accomplishments and outright leap frog their competitors.

Here’s a real world example of a personal trainer who did this.

By now you probably know of my coaching client and good friend Saman Bakhtiar. And if you were at Fitness Business Summit 08 you heard him share many of his success secrets for creating a seven figure personal training studio.

But here’s the back story that lead up to all that…

Less than three years ago, before we met, Saman was one of over a dozen personal trainers in his community and one of four personal training studios within a five mile radius.

As much as I hate admitting this… in his own words… Saman purchased my PT Business Course even though he was super skeptical that the product would even have any fitness marketing and business boosting strategies that he could instantly use.

Well, the product delivered as promised and before long Saman signed up for my 12 month mentorship program.

Now this isn’t about my products or coaching program at all.

In fact I no longer take on 12 month coaching clients so it’s not like I’m trying to plug a product or something. I just want to draw the timeline out for you so you can get the full picture of what World Domination Mode is all about.

But before I continue I should fully disclose that W.D.M. is not for everyone. In fact it’s not for the majority of fitness professionals out there. It’s a different kind of fitness marketing mind set.

It kinda requires a certain type of personality flaw to make it happen.

It’s for the ultra focused…

It’s for the high strung, type A personality type…

jackIt’s for people who need things done NOW and not a minute later…

It’s for the fitness entrepreneur who has a near unhealthy obsession on becoming ultra-successful.

Like I said, it’s not for everyone… but maybe it is for you, so keep reading.

Back to my story: About half way into Saman’s coaching program with me things really clicked in for him. He started doing the out-of-the-box things that most others don’t.

He was reading, watching, and listening to all things direct response, time management, consumer behavior, and a host of other resources that would ultimately help him achieve more in the next 12 months than he had in the previous 12 years.

CLICK…Saman was in World Domination Mode.

At one point he was mailing out over 20,000 lead generation postcards each month.

He has aligned himself with local businesses and was generating tons of referrals. (the ultimate fitness marketing strategy because it costs you nothing.)

He created and hosted Chino’s biggest loser event which aligned him with the city (the mayor of the city actually endorsed him) and got him picked up by the local paper several times.

He joined Chris McCombs’ Market Annihilator program the day it was launched and now has a blog that kicks serious butt and his websites dominate Google’s first page in his city and ten other surrounding cities for his keywords.

He’s has no more competitors… he’s THE guy you go to when you want to drop fat and get fit in Chino or Chino Hills.

His revenue has gone from mid $30k/month to over $100K a MONTH now. The funny thing is when I first met him he was still actively training clients.

Today he makes more than three times what he used to and personally trains ZERO clients (though I did get him to spot me once).

These days’ Saman works ON his business and not IN it. In fact he’s working on opening his second location.

Pretty cool, eh?

But he’s not resting on his laurels…

The guy is in World Domination Mode and now he’s going to local restaurants and getting them to put Fitness Concept ‘healthy alternatives’ on their menus. (Check out the video below)

It’s total front of mind awareness. Freak’in brilliant right?

Think about it. Imagine if the restaurants that your prospects go to – the restaurants that they know, like and trust ENDROSE you by having your name on their food items.

Or better yet by creating a whole other menu named after you and your business.

That is serious credibility and expert positioning that you can’t get in any other way.

In fact, just the other day I went out to dinner with my family and came upon yet another restaurant that hosts a Fitness Concepts menu.

Good thing I had my flip cam with me… check out the video below where I give some pointers on how you can do the same and get yourself into World Domination Mode.

I want your feedback. Leave me your comments and thoughts below…