It’s Getting Weird, Ugly, and a Little Hairy…

Ok, this is getting a bit out of control.

Diana and I went out to dinner with Chris McCombs and his wife, and Steve Hochman, and his wife and followed it up with some bowling (by the way the Keuilian’s kicked butt at bowling).

Well, when I got home the emails and stuff were out of control…here’s what happened.

After sending out that email yesterday about Fitness Business Summit 09 I got over 45 emails, six text messages, and two calls to our house when we got back from a night out.

I had no idea it was going to get this crazy.

So, to clear things up…I have two IMPORTANT answers for you (AND a COOL VIDEO) based on all the email I got…

First: You’re going to have to wait till we launch the site before you can register for FBS09. PLEASE do not email us your credit card numbers – it’s never a good idea to send credit card numbers via email.

Please wait till the secure site goes live Monday morning (maybe Sunday night, maybe) to register.

And second: I’ve gotten a few emails like the one below asking if we’ll be selling the FBS09 DVDs after the event.

Hope you’re well. I can’t make it as I live in Sydney, Australia.

I’m begging you. Please let me know when the DVD’s become available. Last year you ran out of copies and I missed out…

If you could let me know when they’ll be released for purchase that would be great. I’ll call your office right away directly with my credit card details if need be.

I have all your products to date and they have been absolute gems-all of them have put $$$$’s into my bank account.

The 09 summit DVD’s will just top it all off!

Love ya work Bedros!

Ps: you trying to grow an AFRO now huh? 😉 Good little video on the money back guarantee

Steve Marinakis

Ok, here’s the deal… Yes, in fact I am growing my hair out… It does look like an afro I guess.
Josh Carter called me Chia-Bedros the other day after watching that video on guarantees.

But I digress… Steve, (and everyone else who wants to know) we will NOT be selling the DVDs from Fitness Business Summit 09.

The only way to get the fitness business boosting, profit exploding, and life changing info from the summit is by attending the live event on May 1, 2, and 3.

Last year we had attendees from as far away as Japan, the UK, Australia, Egypt and a few other countries that I can’t remember off the top of my head right now.

Anyway, you get my point, right? If you’re business is worth doing and you’re serious about it then you ought to be serious enough to get on a plane. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Okay… thank you ALL for the emails, text messages and stuff. And for the few of you who tried to bribe me 🙂

Hang in there… the registration site for Fitness Business Summit 09 will be up real soon. In the meantime enjoy this clip from Fitness Business Summit 08.