Fitness Marketing 101: how to turn chicken shit into chicken salad

I was talking to one of my 12 month mentorship client the other day and he was getting ready do to dial in two new fitness marketing systems – specifically teleseminars and small live workshops.
(btw both are very potent client getting systems if done right)

Up until now he’s done really well with targeted direct mail and by building his fitness newsletter list through online and off line two-step marketing.

But it’s time to add more resources to his fitness marketing arsenal and I suggested he add teleseminars and small workshops, both would serve as paid lead generators getting him in front of more QUALIFIED leads.

As we were going over the step by step process for making this happen I sensed a little hesitation in his voice. He wasn’t his usual chipper and enthusiastic self.

After a little questioning and digging I found out that he was concerned about a couple of things.

What if he couldn’t get enough people on the teleseminar?

What if he couldn’t get enough people into his workshop, or worse… what if no one or only one person showed up?

He had a case of the nerves…

Legitimate concern I guess.

Here’s what I told him and it’s something you should do in your personal training business.

In fitness marketing, and everything else in life for that matter, things don’t always turn out the way you want.

Sometimes you do everything right and you end up getting chicken sh!t when you actually ordered chicken salad. Other times you THINK you did everything right but you end up overlooking a critical step and things don’t quite turn out the way you had planned.

For the most part, there’s always a way to recover from a fitness marketing fumble.

Here’s my secret for taking chicken sh!t and turning it into chicken salad.

Like I told my mentorship client.

Look at the worst case scenario. If no one or only a couple people end up on your teleseminar what’s the big deal?

You can still deliver great content, record the darn thing, and make it a lead generator on your website or a bonus gift for an info product, or put it on a CD and sell IT as a product, or get it transcribed

Heck, you can do the same thing with your workshops or seminars if no one shows up. Get your video camera out, record the workshop and BANG-BOOM you have yourself a DVD, or content for your site, blog, or info product.

Everything you do doesn’t always turn out the way you want. That’s life and that’s the cost of being an entrepreneur. Don’t be a fitness marketing chicken.

Do some outside-of-the-box thinking and turn that chicken sh!t into chicken salad.

What do you think? Leave me your thoughts, comments, and opinions.