Beware of the Skinny Chef (or Trainer)

I’m writing you from Orlando, Florida. I’m here with my wife for the Dan Kennedy conference and to just kick back and relax.

I’ve decided to take the better part of 09 off and just vacation, travel and kick back. You know… recharge my batteries.

But I still have a lot of new products, services, and events to launch over the next few weeks and months. A lot of cool things that are specific to your fitness business – things that will take you, the way you think and your income to a whole new lever.

And that’s why I’m writing you today…

The other day my buddy Chris McCombs warned trainer on Twitter about Xtream Fitness Leads and how they are scamming trainers out of money.

You’ve got to beware of the “skinny chef.” These days there are a lot of impostors, knock offs and Johnny come-lately’s attempting to sell you all types of crap.

Some are even trying to teach you things they themselves don’t know, have, or understand.

It’s like a truck driver trying to teach a class on formula 1 driving.

Sure, he can drive a dump truck… but that does NOT qualify him to teach formula 1.

Does it?

It’s flat out misleading – a SCAM.

Beware of the skinny chef. The internet is bursting with impostors.

As former president Ronald Regan said: trust, but verify.