Suspect, Prospect, Client, Referral, Retention

The success of your personal training business really boils down to one thing – I call it the “business life cycle.”

Your “business life cycle” consists of five stages; suspects, prospects, clients, referrals, and retention.

Everyone starts off as a SUSPECT.

Smart marketing will identify your PROSPECTS.

Though your offer and sales process you’ll convert them into CLIENTS.

With conditioning, and programming they’ll send you REFERRALS.

Through service, results, and fear of disconnect you’ll RETAIN.

The difference between you making six figures (and even seven figures) in 2009 versus just five figures rests on understanding the business life cycle.

If you don’t target a niche then you don’t have suspects.

If you can’t market then you have no prospects.

If you can’t sell then you have no clients.

If you can’t condition and set expectations then you’ll generate no referrals.

And if you can’t retain your clients then you’ll never have enough money.

Examine your ‘business life cycle.’ Where are the gaping holes?

What are you going to do about it?

When are you going to do it?

Would now be a good time?