How To Get a Lot Done

This weekend was awesome.

I had so much fun putting up Christmas light with my son Andrew. Fatherhood is so much more than I ever expected – just one of those little bonuses that life gives you I guess.

It’s amazing how a three year old can hold a fun, adult like conversation. Can’t wait to hear all the fun stuff Chloe will have to say once she starts talking.

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** How to Get a Lot Done **

One of the biggest sticking points that most people encounter while trying to get a lot done is their ‘to do’ list which they don’t want to do.

Often times there is that one thing on your to do list that you’re just not excited about doing so you either put the list off all together, or you just do busy work on the things that really don’t matter hoping that the hard stuff will go away.

Believe it or not I used to have that problem in a big way – but not anymore.

These days I get a lot done in a day.

Here’s my little secret.

Every morning I write a list of the 5-10 things that I need to do that day.

Then I pick the hardest one and do that first, then I go down to the next hardest thing on the list and knock that off, and so on.

Even if I don’t finish the entire list that day I know that I got the hardest things done. And those are typically the ones that provide the most success.

You should try it first thing tomorrow.

Write down everything that you want to accomplish that day then take a good hard look at your list and do the hardest thing first.