A Solution to a Problem

Hello from beautiful Bayview, Washington 🙂

If you’re in America and celebrate Thanksgiving then you’re probably experiencing a pumpkin pie and turkey dinner hangover like I am.

Hang in there, we’ll get through it together.

But that’s not why I’m writing you today.

The real reason I’m writing you today is to give you a simple but powerful marketing concept that should serve as the cornerstone of all your client attraction systems.

Here it is.

Your marketing message should serve as the obvious solution to a very specific problem for a target market.

And that’s where most personal trainers go wrong – way wrong.

They try to be everything to everyone and end up being nothing to no one.

If you can’t answer the following question with one specific sentence then you’re most likely experiencing serious marketing problems and frustrations.

“What do you specialize in?”

Whenever I meet a trainer who is frustrated and experiencing marketing problems I immediately ask that question, and 99 out of 100 times they begin to ramble about how they can train all clients from eight to eighty and how they ‘specialize’ in fat loss, muscle gain, sports specific, youth training, post rehab and the list goes on and on and one.

These are same trainers who are pumping out dead end ads, flyers, postcards and websites that list a ton of offerings, but produce no client attraction results.

Be a specialist, identify your niche and dominate it. Position yourself as the obvious expert and the solution to a very specific problem.

Rare is the trainer who offers one solution to a specific problem.

Rare is the trainer who knows EXACTLY what his niche is and how to find his target market.

Rare is the trainer who has positioned himself as the local expert in his community for his niche.

I happen to personally know some trainers who have mastered this important concept and are now earning high six figures (and a few even seven figures) a year.

The New Year is just around the corner. You have just enough time to develop your marketing message in time for the big rush.

The concept is ridiculously simple but easily worth ten times what you’re currently earning.

Here it is again.

All of your marketing should position you as the obvious solution to a very specific problem for a target market.

Simple, effective and powerful – yet so overlooked.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll see you in a few days with more tips, ideas, and strategies to take your personal training business to massive profits.