YOU Are the Local Expert

Every day I hear from trainers who want to know how to build a strong personal training business and have a loyal following.

My good pal and mentorship client Saman Bakhtiar literally dominates all of Chino and Chino Hills when it comes to fitness and fat loss.

He’s got a seven figure generating personal training studio in a very competitive market and he’s literally the only person people think of around here when they think of fitness and fat loss.

Actually he’s like a local celebrity. Going out to lunch with him is kind of a trip because EVERYONE comes up to say hi and talk to him.

In the last two years Saman has worked very hard to positioned himself as the local fitness expert by doing several critical things right.

The one thing that he’s doing which I want to share with you today is his new blog.

He’s one of the few people who had early access to Chris McCombs before Chris ever launched Market Annihilator. Saman took what Chris showed him about blogging and ran with it.

His blog is not the typical personal trainer type of blog at all.

Saman’s blogs are edgy, controversial, entertaining and full of great content – and that’s why they work so well at getting people to come back and read his next post.

Recently Saman decided to do a video blog review of the top ten healthiest restaurants in his area. It’s been a huge hit and only helps to position him more with the community.

Here’s a link of Saman’s blog:

What’s really cool is that once Saman is done with all ten reviews he’s going to have ten local restaurants that are now going to be raving fans and will no doubt give out his marketing material to their customers.

That’s what so cool about the internet. It allows anyone to dominate their niche, get more clients, and become a local celebrity with little or no money spent.

If you’re not blogging (the right way) and positioning your website on google for your keyword and phrases then you’re probably missing out on a lot of new clients.