The All New You

Want to sell more training?

Rename it. Repackage it. Call it new and improved.

Sounds crazy but it works.

People get desensitized and turned off by the same old same old.

Everyone offers personal training and boot camps, and 30-minute sessions, and fitness and fat loss ebooks, and well, you get my point.

What makes your offering different, better, unique and so special?

Look at Coca Cola and Pepsi – they always come out with new ‘improved’ formulas, packaging, colors and sizes.


Because new and improved works.

I just read an article about Trident gum and how they added three new flavors and changed their packaging around and their sales went up by sixteen percent – that’s huge.

When I had my training facilities we’d have a new “promotion” each and every month.

The formula I used was simple.

1. It had to be a short term program. (people love trial programs)

2. It had to be low cost. (low barrier to entry)

3. And it had to have a catchy name. (who doesn’t like a catch name?)

*14 day ultimate abs program.

*Three weeks to firmer tighter buns.

For our Chino Hills boot camp we created limited time offers like:

*21 day rapid fat loss program

*The 14 day fat shredder system

In fact the 21 day rapid fat loss program got us 11 new sign ups at $147 each – nine of which stayed on board for our regular bootcamps at $299/month.

So what should you take away from this?

If you want to sell more training.

Rename it.

Repackage it.

Call it new and improved.

And let everybody know about.