The Irresistible Offer

The other day I found something very interesting in our local paper and I think you can gain a lot from it.

As I started to open up the newspaper a paper bag fell out onto the floor. Instantly it caught my attention.

(It helped that the bag was white and had big colorful writing on it.)

Once I picked it up off the floor and looked at it I knew it was the most brilliant marketing idea I’ve seen in a long time. (check out the picture attached below)

Here’s the brilliance: A local restaurant is offering a free meal – no catch – and when you bring in the paper bag below to redeem your meal they’ll fill it up with their famous tortilla chips.

Did I mention how brilliant this is?

An irresistible offer delivered in a creative way

See, they didn’t just run another ‘me too’ twenty percent off coupon or a buy one get one free offer.

They actually did some ‘out of the box’ thinking and crafted an irresistible offer that would be hard to refuse and delivered their message in a creative way – on a paper bag.

Talk about something that really sticks out in a pile of mail.

Here’s their paper bag ‘postcard’ and offer.


This morning I gave them a call to see how the promotion was performing and they said that this was by far their best promotion.

I had a feeling it would be. See, in the restaurant business if you can get them into your store once, you can get them in again and again (assuming your food and service are not crap).

An irresistible offer, delivered to a starving crowd, in a creative way.

What about you?

What irresistible offers are you making for your personal training business?

What creative media can you use to deliver your message?

There’s a HUGE starving crowed out there for what you offer.

A little ‘out of the box’ thinking can breathe new life into your business.