Biggest Recession Ever… What About Your Training Business?

You’re either going to agree with me on this one or its going to piss you off because the truth hurts.

Recently I’ve heard from a few trainers (in person and via email) that the economy is really affecting their business.

One trainer even said that we’re in a serious recession but the government won’t admit it.

The old conspiracy theory. As if the government admitting a recession is going to change anything.

The same trainer went on to say that once Obama is elected president things will quickly change for the better.


Look, if that’s your mentality too then you are in for a heap of trouble.

Frankly it doesn’t matter if Obama takes the white house or if McCain steps in. You’re responsible for your personal wealth, accomplishments, success and failures.

If you’re going to rely on the government to tell you that it’s ok to start making money again then you are in for a lifetime of instability.

I spent an hours of my weekend in an Apple store changing out my Iphone and looking at some Mac books for our new office.

This was the second time I was in this particular Apple store within 60 days.

Both times the place was PACKED. I mean people were bumping into each other packed. The place was buzzing with consumerism.

I thought we’re in an economic slump – a recession, what gives?

You sure can’t tell by being in an Apple store.

People, old and young were buying up laptops, Iphones, Ipods and gadgets I couldn’t even figure out.

If there is a recession then Apple has figured out how to become recession proof.

For that matter so has Starbucks.

People are still paying six bucks a day for a cup of cappu-what-ever with extra foam.

The bottom line is this: People will ALWAYS find a way to pay for what they really WANT, no matter what.

In fact, during the morning of September 11, 2001 I was selling personal training. All of my consultations for the day we’re (understandably) no-shows.

But I still held myself accountable to making our daily sales goals – and we did.

I’m not saying that I’m some hot shot, because I’m not. I just didn’t like the idea of being broke and poor so I did whatever it took to make it happen.

Even in the days and weeks after 9-11 we continued to meet our personal training sales goals regardless of the nationwide low consumer confidence epidemic that followed.

Did we have to try harder? Yep.

Did I have to get creative in our marketing efforts? Yep.

Did I have to further hone in our sales presentation. Yep.

Did we have to create more budget friendly training programs? Yep. (we started offering 30 minute sessions and semi private sessions – and if I had to do it over again today I would have offered bootcamps as well)

My point is that my staff and I didn’t sit around blaming circumstance or waiting for the government to tell us it was safe and okay to start making money again.

We created enticing weight loss programs that people wanted. We used creative marketing tactics and offered guarantees on ALL of our services and got people to WANT to buy into our programs and services.

Apple does the same. They have products that people want. And people are willing to pay what Apple is charging to get it.

I didn’t NEED a new phone. But I WANTED an Iphone and so I paid the $200 cancellation fee for my old phone to get the Iphone that I so badly wanted.

If you’re blaming the economy or circumstance for your failing business it’s only because you don’t want to put the responsibility where it should be – on yourself.

Like I said in the opening of this email; you’re either going to agree with me or you’re probably going to think I’m an A-hole for telling you the truth.

But I’ll leave you with this:

How can you make your personal training services more WANTED, like Apple and Starbucks?